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Peugeot 207

There is only one year, Peugeot, the manufacturer of oxygen sensor Peugeot introduced the 207 in France and in major European markets. It also became Peugeot’s fourth entry into the European small-car segment, with 107, 1007 and 206. Currently, the introduction of the 207 SW with its open-air charm includes the 207 range.

A growing range
The 207 SW will be available in July and is expected to expand the range 207, which has previously launched a five-door version. And like the 207 CC, the 207 RC and the three-door and five-door presented earlier will also help strengthen the 207 range.

The SW 207 is also seen to follow in the footsteps of the 206 SW has become the best selling car sales in the French and European B2 segment since its introduction in 2003. The SW 207 compared to the SW 206 has greatly benefited Of the generation jump since it will expand its target audience several new features.

The sales forecasts for the Peugeot 207 SW:
Peugeot expects the full first year of 2008, the 207 SW, at least, contribute 18 percent or 98,000 units of the total sales of 207 models. The breakdown of sales is: the essence contributes 44 percent and diesel that increases by 56 percent.

The SW 207 is to be produced exclusively at the POISSY manufacturing site, which has the capacity to produce 460 units per day. Production of the 206 SW ended in January 2006.

The commercial launch
The SW 207 is introduced simultaneously on July 5, 2007 in France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Portugal, but will be available July 12 in Germany. In other European markets, the vehicle will be launched in September.

The advantage of the 207 SW is that it will enter a market segment continues to grow, from 26.2% of the total European market to 30.5%. The blend of the model has also changed significantly during this time. Hatchback models decreased by 95% segment B2 in 2000 to 82.4% in 2006; Second, vehicle models increased by 1.8% to 12%, convertibles also increased from 0.1% to 2.8%, while properties remained stable at 3%, with a slight increase of 3.6 per cent in 2004.

207 practical and versatile SW option
The 207 SW is increasing at an increasing rate, which is good because it has a great opportunity in the range. After the three-door and five-door tailgate and cabriolet coupe, Peugeot will now present the SW. Each of the range models plays silhouette design with the strength of 207 while retaining its own individual personality. The SW includes the range of 207 especially with the appearance of the rear door.

The new 207 a mixture of one and both at the same time
The new 207 can easily recognize through its strong lines and dynamic character, while benefiting from the accuracy of its design and the visible quality of the car. SW according to Peugeot, represents express space, light and well-being. And thanks to the panoramic glass roof, practicality and modularity, which are contained within a well-balanced, elegant design.

The 207 is designed to appeal to customers who lead a “full and complete life” and who appreciates the space and versatility offered by the new compact 207: customers ranging from young families to active retirees who enjoy the outdoors Of society and interact.

What to expect from a 207?
Here is the list of features offered by the 207:

* The new 207 SW has a total length of 4.156 m, ie 119 mm longer than the hatch (at the rear cantilevered), providing additional interior space.

* The new 207 has a design that goes beyond the personality. Its bold facade that shared with the fleet for the tailgate to create a unique design, reinforced by the “brightness” provided by the panoramic glass roof, the rectangular design of the side windows, the rear panels reversed back and the Large ruby ​​taillights featuring the illusion of glass tailgate resting on them.

* In some versions of the 207 SW, the roof rails emphasize the originality of the design.

* The interior is illuminated by the huge panoramic glass roof that allows a more impressive view of the surrounding environment. An electrically operated solar shade control brightness.

* The new 207 SW offers an easily accessible luggage area with a capacity of 337 dm3 VDA (or 428 liters) of 67 dm3 more (or 188 liters) than the 207 saloon.

* The 207 SW also contains some surprises, for example, its “magic” rear modularity, which means that the user can easily adapt the space according to their situation. The rear seats are easy to fold as they work automatically. The folded seat forms a completely flat surface that allows for additional luggage room.

Practical features that will also be appreciated, such as:

* Rear tailgate glass.

* A rear tray in three sections that allow access to the contents of the boot – from the rear seats, the glass of the tailgate or, more traditionally, the tailgate itself.

* More space in the back (height and legroom) that allows greater use of the rear seats. The height of the raised rear seats also creates an “amphitheater” effect, improving the occupants’ forward vision.

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