Praise antigravity jump starter battery

It is rare that I find a product I feel good praise unsolicited, but antigravity battery certainly falls into this category.

A month or two ago a client came to rent one of our classic cars and carried a zipper a little faux reptile skin background. Bigger than an iPhone, but certainly not a bogeyman. He had brought with him if the car has no cigarette lighter to keep your phone charged.

He said this was an anti-gravity battery and opened the case. It was a lithium-ion battery by about 50% larger than my iPhone 5 and approximately 4 times thicker, with a set of connectors to fit anything from a phone to a laptop computer over a network for load. But the most interesting for me was a small pair of jumper cables that supposedly battery from a car.

I thought about it for a couple of weeks and did research on the interweb. Normally I do to keep my phone charged while taking lighter charging cable and me, but was very interested in the possibility of early departure. I found a YouTube video someone try one. It was used for the first time to start a motorcycle, several times, and then start a car or light truck, repeatedly.

Suitably convinced I made a duly arrived and I paid up. I’m not a fan of car batteries run just for the fun of it, so for a while are not controlled in a car. It certainly was able to charge my phone has integrated very bright LED torch which can be set to flash SOS in Morse code if you ever find myself in a mountain.

Then a couple of weekends ago I had to move some of our cars in all, one of which was our Austin-Healey 3000 that has not been started for about 3 weeks. The Healey slowly turning a few times, but did not shoot and clear battery that would not work. I keep a (former) spare battery in the garage, which is still in the maintenance burden and usually use this with a normal set of cables to start a car in such circumstances. This seemed the perfect opportunity to test the anti-gravity battery. I connected the battery’s son Healey, plugged the plug into the socket on the battery and Antig. An illuminated LED to confirm that the polarity is correct.

Then he tried to start the car. THE WOW! This small battery spun faster Healey normal lead acid battery is, and start immediately.

An Austin Healey has an old outdated engine, heavy cast iron, with such a long race that normally takes some energy from the battery to get it going. Antique battery was more than enough for the work of man. When we take our Jaguar E-Type to France Euroclassic organized by the European Touring Club Classic, I did it with my other tools, but fortunately not had to use it.

The whole issue of anti-gravity and the content is smaller than the standard cable package bridge that took me, not to mention the space and weight of a lead acid battery replacement car. So now, instead of performing a set of jumper cables in our classic cars that will go with me knowing that you can start a car, the power of a phone or a laptop, or even create a rescue helicopter.

No wonder business as Tesla using lithium-ion batteries instead of lead acid!

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