Peugeot RCZ Opinion – Peugeot’s return to the Cup


Going back some 25 years before today, Peugeot could be a brand that had a great prestige to offer to those who have them. This was made possible by the manufacturer 205 GTI, which was considerably more surprising at the time. However, unfortunately, it seems that Peugeot should not surprise car lovers for decades. However, things are about to change for the manufacturer through its new Peugeot RCZ is a cut of its kind and has much to offer. After hearing all this, the next thing that may seem more interesting is often what the car can offer, probably, actually.

Well, things start, car enthusiasts from all over the world can think of this as rival Peugeot RCZ, the Audi TT. Every car enthusiast knows how Audi TT and what it can give to the riders. That said, car lovers may have bought the overall court picture offered by Peugeot. However, it can be quite unfair just to see the big picture instead of paying attention to every detail of the court. Therefore, it is convenient to read.

Firstly, what Peugeot can offer to car owners – and that may reveal the most innovative feature – is the so-called colorless double applied shape on the roof and the rear glass window of the RCZ coupe. This is one of the key factors that highlight the remaining Peugeot RCZ coupés other existing brands. Peugeot was able to stretch the roof so that it forms a fluid envelope, simple and refined with the rear window of the cut. Therefore, optimization of aerodynamics is something that can be expected to the driver of this cut. In addition, the overall visual style of this particular cut is attracting eyes that will freeze the surrounding crowd. It seems like people are not seeing this RCZ foutront over and over again.

Next, the next element of innovation are the aluminum cutting roof arches that are intended to maximize the shear dynamism. Seen from the side, this particular cut proudly displays taut and strong contours with the support of the curved cut back wings, deeply sculpted sides and the front court wings that are very important.

However, another feature offered with the Peugeot RCZ is an envelope wraparound. With such a cover, Peugeot was able to reduce the size of the front flaps it could take. In addition, with its wide opening, access to the engine and the arches of the front wheel becomes much easier.

In terms of performance, Peugeot offers three engine options for this exceptional coupe. First, there is the 1.6 THP 16V option of 200 hp. Then there is the option 1.6 16V THP 156 hp engine. These are for gasoline engines. Now, for the diesel engine, there is the option 2.0 16V HDi FAP 163 CV. And, in terms of steering, this cut is provided with an assisted steering function. With such a steering function, cutting can be easily carried through the corners without the coupé losing its stability. And the RCZ coupe responds very well to management in most cases.

The braking system of the Peugeot RCZ is also powerful. With ventilated discs up to 302 mm in diameter and a thickness of up to 26 mm, the braking system is sturdy. Meanwhile, for the rear brake system, this coupé is on sale with brake disks of 290×12 mm. However, there is more to the braking system. Owners of this cut can also expect the presence of EBA – assistance in emergency braking means – and EBD – Electronic Brake Force Distribution means. With these characteristics, the braking pressure on each wheel is very likely to be very effective.

To add to the driving pleasure of the driver, this particular cut perfectly captures the road. The cut includes an All McPherson type nickname as front suspension. The RCZ with the CV 200 engine even option is uncoupled a lock bar. On the other hand, the rear suspension is a type of drag arm that has rigid arm linkage. The base and cut the center of gravity were even lowered for the enjoyment of the driver.

However, what has hitherto been revealed with concerns about cutting, refers to all visual and technical aspects. What comfort does the Peugeot RCZ offer? Well, in terms of comfort, Peugeot offers quite soft and high quality upholstery. Better yet, it is even possible for RCZ owners to improve the furniture in the upper nappa leather. However, the seats inside the cut are typical sports car. The positioning is small but ergonomic, which provides a great level of comfort for the passengers inside.

But in entertainment, the RCZ has a set of high-tech equipment that can include new multimedia systems to Peugeot, JBL high-fidelity systems, USB and so on. And, unlike other cars, there is an analog clock instead of a digital image in the center of the dashboard. And, to reflect how a sports car can feel, the bottom of the dashboard is genuine pressed metal.

The steering wheel is also of good quality. It is covered with fine leather. More preferably, it is even equipped neck and the remains of the thumb are covered with chrome finish. And for easy readability for the driver, mark the low function of an improved carbon tone even more by using backlit and laser readouts.

Now it seems that the less discussed element here is safe coupe Peugeot RCZ. Well, the coupe has driver and front passenger airbags with 2 airbags integrated into the seats. Of course, air bags are not the only items available for safety. Taking into account the new protocol of Euro NCAP, Peugeot RCZ coupé them equipped with an emerging pyrotechnic hood. This deck is designed to minimize the impact pedestrians can experience if a collision occurs at the front of the cut.

Another safety feature is a spoiler. Peugeot RCZ comes with a self-adjusting spoiler that works according to the cutting speed. The spoiler works in two positions. The first time it opens when the RCZ coupe reaches 53 miles / h. Then the spoiler will extend further if the cut reaches speeds of up to 96 mph. With a spoiler like this coupe will have a higher category even greater aerodynamic efficiency.

After all Having said this, it may well be that Peugeot may not have demonstrated what it can do for decades. However, with the presence of Peugeot RCZ, car enthusiasts or those who intend to purchase a sports car or coupé may have to consider purchasing an RCZ. However, you should keep in mind that there is a high probability that you can find more options available from Peugeot

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