Peugeot Pepper Mills – Yes, they have a lifetime warranty

Peugeot manufactures

Peugeot manufactures pepper mills and coffee grinders longer than they have manufactured cars. In 1810, the Peugeot brothers converted the family mill to manufacture steel, and since then has made Peugeot, saw blades tools; Sewing and bicycle bicycles. They started manufacturing cars in 1890.

In 1842, one of his engineers designed a mechanism designed to grind the peppercorns – which is not suitable for milling other spices. It can be adjusted, which can grind all the requirements – almost to a finely ground grilled steak for delicate sauces.

Today, Peugeot pepper mills are said to be the best in the world and have a lifetime warranty. They are specifically designed to treat peppercorns; They are made of top quality materials and because they provide a perfect grinding consistency after the hour, it is the choice of the best chefs in the world.

The mills are manufactured in Besançon, southwest of France. A double row of helical teeth grains guide pepper and retains during grinding. The beans are broken in half before the final grinding process. The mill mechanism is manufactured from hardened steel, a cooling method that makes the grinding head as hard as a ball bearing and this is the precise machining, which gives the mill its long term performance.

In the mechanism, Peugeot creates two grooves of different size for the first line and the second for grinding. The channeling grooves align the peppercorns and split, while the grinding grooves are grinding to the selected fineness that can be chosen by adjusting the knob on the grinder.

Generations of experience in manufacturing their pepper mills allow Peugeot to provide a lifetime warranty – it does not cover normal wear, misuse or accidental damage. When you own a Peugeot pepper mill, do not make the mistake of grinding salt because the salt is corrosive and can even damage the work of art that is the Peugeot pepper mill.

For grinding the salt, a different mechanism of stainless steel must be used to resist corrosion. It is designed to crush large rocks or grains of sea salt and deliver coarse or grind at the end when adjusting the knob in the mill.

The lion symbol that is now synonymous with Peugeot was first used in salt and pepper mills in 1850. The lion was chosen to symbolize the strength and quality of its factories and tools.

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