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Peugeot Crystal

When most people hear the name Peugeot, it is usually an innovative automotive and built in Europe that comes to mind. In fact, for more than 200 years, the company behind the steel industry had its lion emblem on a range of products other than vehicles, including bicycles, scooters, pepper mills salt mills, coffee grinders. .. and even dressing Crinolines. It is interesting to note that the latest female accessory has given way to the Peugeot car industry. Fortunately for wine lovers, in 2006, the Lion Gracer began an extraordinary line of glass wine glasses. With its philosophy of combining “excitement with excellence,” Peugeot scored once again the great quality of the game.

Peugeot wine glasses

Peugeot manufactures a variety of wine glasses, but the purpose of this article, we will focus on three of the most popular Peugeot 180 Spirit, The Ruthless and The Universal.

Peugeot Spirit 180 wine glasses

In addition to offering a combination of beauty and functionality, this line has a unique advantage. They allow the taster all the benefits of high-end glass wine glasses much wider, while their smaller size takes up less space – they can easily get on the top shelf of the dishwasher (as I always say I am not in favor of putting thin crystals In the dishwasher, but Peugeot says it can do it with the Spirit 180 line except for champagne glass). The angular shape of Spirit wine glasses, and the volume of their bowls, can quickly release the aromas and characteristics of each type of wine. The super-thin edge that leads to the lip glasses is almost undetectable, and its shape allows maximum exposure to the olfactory sense and placement of the wine on the tongue. The glasses are clogged and comprise of rods, which means that the stem is a transparent part of the cup – it is not a separate piece attached to the cup. Personally, I personally like the wine glasses from the stem a little better, for nothing, but I think they look a little more elegant. My two cents …

Wine glasses Spirit Types 180:

– Pinot
– Merlot
– White, White
– Champagne
– Casual (cup-shaped, without stem)

The Peugeot Impitoyables wine glasses

French for “implacable”, Impitoyables of the liquor wine Peugeot offers a certain attitude with an excellent experience of wine tasting. Attitude because the line, designed to be “tools for demanding professionals and amateurs” opens every type of wine to its full potential, whether finer than fine … or garbage. These glasses are actually designed to serve a purpose while showing the couple Peugeot’s philosophy of excellence with excellence – they are also aesthetically pleasing as they are superior taste glasses. As Esprit 180, shapes and sizes of angled bowls The Impitoyables are designed to release the aromas and alcohols each optimately came and to present the notes of flavor, characteristics and each presentation body of the most honest. Also like the Spirit 180 line, the rim and the thin lip glasses are impressive to optimize the delivery of wine to the senses of smell and placing it on the tongue with perfection. These are the glasses on your face! You will have to pay a little more, but if you want a professional tasting, they are an excellent choice. The line also includes a universal axis without glass tasting suitable for all wines. A signature engraved on his foot authenticates every glass of piety.

Types of wine glasses The Ruthless:

– N1: young reds, Ross and Spirits
– N2: All the white wines
– N3: Ripe red
– N4: Champagne and sparkling wines
– The glass CATADOR to taste all the wines

Wine glasses Peugeot El Universal

A more affordable range of Peugeot wine glasses, wine glasses El Universal offers excellent shine, quality and craftsmanship. The line is “dedicated to the pleasure of eating”, which improves the experience of a meal with a simple elegance while providing functionality to enjoy the type of wine for which they were designed. I especially like this line as you get an exceptional glass of wine for daily use, but you do not have to spend a lot to get it. The only downside to this line for me is that it does not provide specifically for white glass, which is my favorite; However, they offer two glasses of whiskey specifically for you – always a plus in my mind!

Types of universal glasses:

– The Great Burgundy
– The Great Bordeaux
– Great Cognac
– Whiskey
– The baby whiskey

Whatever your level of experience in the pleasure of wine tasting, Peugeot offers wine glasses for all tastes!

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