New Regulations for Safer Motorcycle Riding

Starting January 19 2013 the UK government will implement four categories of motorcycle licenses. The first category is called the AM category. It is a moped-only license and the main purpose of this category is to limit the weight and speed of motorcycles that 16-year-old applicants could drive.The next level is the A1 category. In this particular level only 17-year-old applicants are able to acquire a license to drive a motorcycle. In addition the category provides a limitation to the type of vehicles that could be driven and these are motorcycles with 125cc engines and those without L-plates. The third level is the A2 category. In an A2 license the rider is restricted to drive motorcycles of up to 35kW or 47 brake horsepower. However only 19-year-old applicants could expect to acquire an A2 license. The highest category is the A license. Those who have an A license are allowed to use all types of motorcycles because it is considered as a full motorcycle license. Nevertheless there is an age limit for this category only 24-year-old applicants are allowed to acquire this type of license. Aside from the age limitations applicants are expected to pass the test for Compulsory Basic Training or CBT test. The purpose of the CBT test is to determine if the applicant is able to perform basic maneuvers while maintaining full control of the motorcycle. The next step requires the applicant to pass a theory test that resembles the type of exam given to those who are applying for a license to drive cars and other automobiles. After a closer examination of the new regulations users bombarded the Internet with their comments and negative reactions. Many commentaries were posted talking about the foolishness of the new rules. They acknowledged that the purpose of the new rules is to limit the speed and power of motorcycles that could be driven by a 16- or 17- year-old applicant. However many have asserted that the younger generation would simply find ways to make their smaller bikes go faster. There are others who made a counter-argument and defended the prudence of issuing new regulations. They said that the main goal is to restrict 16- and 17-year-old applicants from using heavy and fast bikes so that in case of accidents they are not going to inflict greater damage on other vehicles.

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