New Kia – Soul From Seoul

The first thing that strikes you about the Kia Soul is how it looks like a child that has been designed by a hyperactive , caffeine addict, toy victim of Attention Deficit Disorder . The idea behind the aesthetic design is obviously Kia tried to avoid feeling bored and cheap that many people have of the brand. The square body with strange curves , large deck and ground clearance does not look much more amazing than anything that came out of the line of the Korean production of Kia , but its all a bit too reserved British classic pallet ?

Early indications suggest that the Kia Soul probably fits well in the market, inevitably really consider who is trying so hard to impress each type of vehicle owner. The sporty looks attract young engine , the environment will impress the ‘ Green ‘ – assembly, spacious interior will persuade those of us with families and the cost will convince those who have recently been credit crunched . for a car to try to capture four very different markets is a brave decision, but that could explode in the face of Kia.

The Kia Soul is available with 1.6-liter petrol or Diesel Turbo , both generating an output of 124bhp and impressive 55.4 mpg option , so it is relatively powerful for its class and is not a gas guzzler either. Emissions of 137 g / km of CO2 are also important to note in this society more aware of the environment. Overall, everything under the hood performed above expectations , which is a rare blessing for Kia , which seems to adhere strictly to the principle of engineering ‘ ever surprise or overwhelm . That is until the soul has popped his head into the strange horizon.

The interior of the Kia Soul is a relatively comfortable and pleasant place to be . The interior has been obviously well considered out . Clear checks, good driving position and firm but comfortable seats show that Kia driving pleasure at the forefront of their minds design . Kia also comes with air conditioning as standard so you feel cool while looking cool soul continues .

The steering is light , progressive and responsive , which is all that the future owner of the city is looking for a car. 16inch wheelbase option is also curious that the option of 18 inch , which was able to increase the qualifications of each small bundle thousand times. Other than that, the Kia Soul has a generally smooth and enjoyable driving .

The Kia Soul will be available for around £ 12,000 , he slots in the lower end of the size family sedans . Its closest competitor is likely to be the new Fiesta, which we know will overwrite the Kia Soul in all possible ways. What Kia will be looking for , however , is to make a little progress in the market and hopefully convince some opponents that can make cars Kia character and good performance .

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