New Honda Vtec Car

Honda has been in India for over a decade and a half. During this period, the automaker itself has endeared the Indian public and carved a special niche for itself in the automotive field. Honda manufactures a number of models, but their model was the best Zx city and the people loved him.

But Honda has refined the model and launched the tec V instead of the city’s ZX. The car is built on the same platform as the city before. The old town is definitely a car to remember and one wonders how the new model of Vtec fare.People want to know the dynamics of the car and how it compares to the old model.

The new Honda VTEC is Honda feather in the cap. The car with an output of 100 horsepower (a little less than the city before) certainly has created a favorable impression. With the new look model refers Vtec is not very different from the old model. The changes are cosmetic. The only addition is the rear fog lamp.There is a slight change in the front grille, body wise if not much difference. The Vtec engine gives greater economy and power. It churns out 100 hp and certainly is not a slow driver on the road. Moreover, the economy is given in city driving.

The engine has the same capacity of 1497 cc than the previous model. But the powerhouse has a SOHC configuration (single tree head cam). Although this is not very conducive to efficiency drums VTEC engine of the new Honda 100 hp at 5800rpm. It also has a maximum torque of 13.5kgm to 4800rpm. This is on the outside of the car is a bit noisier.

The car is equipped with airbag and EBD. Electronic power steering is standard on all models. It also has a knob, leather parking brake lever and steering wheel and a new generation of CD. VTEC has 15-inch alloy wheels and low profile tire. The tires provide good grip but wider tires would take readers on hills and curves.

The Vtec has excellent transmission system and the gear ratios are very good. You can get an idea of manufacturing motor car can reach 100 kilometers per hour just to the second speed. It can be exciting for a driver at the wheel. The chassis is solidly built and the car every four disc brakes.

However, the last word is that the Honda VTEC excellent dynamics and direction makes the car easier to drive cost handle.The cool thousand rupees per cent more than the previous model. The deluxe version is even more expensive. But Honda has a name and you can certainly choose to buy in the other cars on the market. You can not be a loser when you buy a Honda VTEC.

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