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When searching for an RV rental, you are bound to find unfamiliar terms to describe the campervan rental. These terms may include the terms “Class A”, “Class C” and sometimes even “Class B.” They all have different meanings. These terms – Class A, Class C and Class B – refer to the size and construction of the rental motorhome. So, before you go rent a motor home, you need to understand what these terms mean so you can get the right rental motorhome to make it perfect for your motorhome holiday.

Class A motor homes

A motorhome classified as Class A is a large motor home that is built using the body of a commercial bus or truck. Compartment is connected to the living space to create a single contiguous space. In this configuration, anyone can move the driver’s cab to the living area of ​​the trailer even if it moves on the road. A bus that was modified motor home is also classified as Class A. A RV rental motor home in Wales with a vehicle that is in category A is guaranteed to be large and with sufficient space for storage. The space makes this type of motorhome ideal for long holidays by car. The problem with this type of motorhome rental, secondly, is that it can be difficult to maneuver on narrow or winding roads.

Caravans of class C

Class C motorhomes are also built in the commercial truck chassis such as an RV A class. The big difference between a motorhome and a Class C motorhome A class is the type C class often has a sleeping compartment in the cabin driver. A typical traveler renting a motorhome often goes for type C class because of the type of chassis, which makes it easier to maneuver along the way, no matter how narrow or winding the road is. Previously, Class A motor homes are favored to be larger and have more space, but the C-class caravans are now catching up with these features.

B Class Caravans

A Class B caravan is usually less than Class A or Class C caravan. The term “Class B” is actually vague, since any vehicle that has a sleeping compartment can call it that. Minibuses or vans that have been modified to accommodate a compartment living in the back are considered Class B motor homes. Even a truck that is equipped with bunk beds or rear tents are also known as such. Due to the extent and boundaries of a B-class motor home, it is not really well seen by travelers who want comfort even when they are on the road. However, travelers who do not care about difficult events on their trip will not hesitate to rent a caravan or camper van rental in Wales in remote areas.

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