Moto Service Guide to keep your bike running for years

motor service

Like riding through the streets on his motorcycle. There is a real sense of freedom to the wind whipped around. However, if you want to keep the bike on the road, the service of the bike is important. By doing basic maintenance, you can keep your cycle goes on.

Out correctly

If you want to start caring for your bike, you have to break to the right. The most crucial part of the engine cycle is how to manage the first few hundred miles. It is necessary to treat the first couple of thousand carefully, too.

Check with the owner to find out exactly what limits should take manual. Every brand is slightly different, and some have a long list of restrictions, such as the type of oil to use during the first few hundred miles. The manual will indicate what other type of oil, if any, must be used. Some machines require that you do not go beyond a certain RPM until after reaching a few thousand miles.

Read the manual

The manual OEM, will be the best place to get maintenance information. The manufacturer knows what bike Service your vehicle needs more than you. It is important for you to read and study to make sure you know what to do.

Also, you can buy a service manual. This book can cost $ 40 to $ 100, however, it is worth the investment if you want to join more sophisticated maintenance procedures yourself. This manual includes instructions on things like how to rebuild the parts of your bike and includes torque and hard to find for each screw in the vehicle.

Oil changes

the routine oil changes can prolong engine life. It can help ensure that your engine maintains proper lubrication. If the oil is old and full of dust and debris, oil can not do their work because they are supposed to be.

You should check with the manual to determine the frequency of oil changes. If you drive in dusty, dirty environment, you should probably change more frequently.


motorcycle service should include grease your bearings. Those traveling on a motorcycle learn this preventive maintenance tips, new bikes need attention in the top levels of management and suspension links. In addition, people who ride bikes in the street should make a habit of this maintenance. Although the sealed bearings are relatively maintenance-free, suspension links need attention on a regular schedule.

Sometimes, these parts must be replaced. Well oiled, you have the opportunity to inspect the bearings. In addition to the physical inspection of bearings, be in harmony with your bike and know when the front or rear suspension is loose, you’ll know when to change the bearings.

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