Morris Minor – A Classic Car for Restoration

Morris Minor

The Morris Minor name was first used for a car manufactured by Morris Motors at Cowley in 1928, although it is a very different sit-up-and-beg style from what is primarily understood as the Morris Minor. The latter is a soft rounded car with a very contemporary style in its time. This car was designed by renowned auto designer Alexander Issigonis, who later continued with the design of the Mini. The first minor Morris was launched in 1948. There were a number of design options, including two-door and four-door saloons and a convertible. The cars were powered by a 918cc engine that gives it a top speed of 64 mph. This series of models is easily characterized by newer models as it has a windscreen divided with a metal bar that runs the center of the windshield.

A new Morris Minor, Series Two, was introduced in 1952. The engine was replaced by a smaller 803cc engine and a new version of the body, introduced Morris travelers. It was essentially a luxury car and had a very sophisticated look, which included a wooden frame. A Morris minor also went as a covered van or as a pick-up style.

A third series, called the Morris 1000, was launched in 1956. The engine has been upgraded to 948cc and the body has modernized so many internal car devices. Subsequently, an alternative engine of 1.1 liters was introduced, which increased the maximum speed of 64 mph to 77 mph. Production ended in 1971.

In addition, more than a million Morris minors were manufactured (actually the millionth car was sold in 1961), in many ways, it is the perfect classic car to have. It is relatively easy to find good deals and auto parts online. The cars themselves are easy to work and the engines are simple and simple design but to strip and rebuild.

There are many Morris Minors beautifully restored to see any classic car rally. A few cluttered examples can be obtained for only a few hundred pounds, while examples of superior quality can reach several thousand pounds.

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