Model Ship from antiquity to present

Boat models are replicas of a reduced size boat history, from antiquity to the present day. Model boats have played a vital role in building real ships. Model ship builders pass the full model for construction workers of their ships at appropriate scales. In a sense, the old model builders have built their models for the opposite reason that the model shipbuilders today, built them to create a high-end model instead. These hand carved models seniors provided the model to send their workers were actually plans to workers who built the ship.

Today, ship models and computer programs are used to help ship designers to select the final shape of the hull before shooting the actual plans. These ship models are tested in tanks to provide accurate information about the size of the complete hull occur at sea and their operation at different speeds and different behaviors oceans. All major shipbuilders use this “ship model” approach before deciding on the final design. To date, ship designers continue to build models for the structure of the ship desired.

The history of shipbuilding model dates back to ancient Egypt around 3200 BC, where he invented the first form of plate and frame, and the sails of their boats. Greek ship models followed about 500 years later with a two-masted ship sails.

Powered Scandinavian Viking ships, one of the largest ships built in Europe between 700 AD to late 1000 and in 1300, introduced the sternpost rudder.

Mediterranean shipbuilders sail fully developed models of sailing ships in 1450 AD Since the early 1800s there were built ships used mainly by the plank on frame method, rudder control, full sails and rigging . Boats launched model galleons at sea in 1500 and used for 1800. The ship models are the most famous and clippers package. Send packages appeared in the Atlantic in early 1800 followed by Clipper ships during the 1840s. Both models were used as vessels for import.

In the 1700s, engineers began to develop and experiment with steamboats. In the 1800s, models paddlewheel steamboats were invented. In 1853, the engine propeller models steamboat was invented is more efficient than the impeller. The dawn of a new era in shipbuilding, steel vessels, which replaced the traditional wood.

Some of the most fascinating boats that are still in operation today were when the cruise ships came in sight. This cruise ship RMS Titanic was built in March 1909. In May 1911, the new steel ship model was launched, which was a heavily publicized spectacle. Unfortunately, at 11:40 pm April 14, 1912, the greatest maritime disaster in history began. Other models include Normandy, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

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