Model Rolls Royce Ghost – The new variant of the luxury brand

Rolls Royce Phantom

The new Ghost model variant launched by the ultra-luxury manufacturer Rolls Royce reached a starting price of Rs 3.05 crore to take advantage of the luxury car market growing. British company has already announced that between axes extended phantom powered by a 6.6 liter petrol will be available in the markets. Head of Business Development at the Rolls-Royce of India said that demand for luxury cars is growing rapidly in India and want to exploit the market with the launch of this new model.

The company also anticipates that every third car sold in India would be the new Ghost Extended Wheelbase, but for now do not want to put a number to it. He added that although you can not expect accurate, for now, but figures are very optimistic about this year and are strictly working hard to develop the market.

Last year, the company sold about 80 units in the country and now plans to expand the network. Moreover, India is an important market the brand in Asia, was pleased to strengthen its distribution. Currently, there are only two distributors, one in Delhi and one in Mumbai. In addition to the sale of the company Phantom and Ghost in the country, it is also planned to add more dealerships.

New variant of Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce Ghost believed to be its essence in the simplest and purest form. The extended wheelbase ratio of 2: 1 height of the wheels and the false front and rear short and long, makes it a perfect place for those who want to experience luxury more training. The exterior design feels completely natural and not style. The V-12 engine is quiet finely equipped, while accelerating, which allows people to revel in the landscape unobtrusively while enjoying the drive. Moreover, this car is designed to make a strong grip on the road, so that during dynamic driving, the occupants can really luxuriate in the magic carpet unit.

The simple but modern interiors include leather, wool Blenheim carpets and natural wood veneer that leave you with a wonderful experience inside and outside the car. With a top speed of 250 km / h and 9.6 liters of additional fuel consumption in urban areas, you can enjoy driving fast and smoothly. In addition to this, the engine is designed for octane fuel grade 95, but can also run on fuel with a minimum octane of 91. The rack and pinion steering with variable assist sensitivity rate of speed and power ventilated front and rear disc brakes are some of the additional features that are sure you will love.

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