Model railway train items History

Take a tour of model trains manufacturers of the major railroads. The first manufacturer we see is the Society of Model Railroad Atlas. Atlas was founded in Newark, New Jersey. in 1924 by Mr. Stephan Schaffan The company name was the company Atlas tool. Schaffan Stephen Jr. went to work in 1933 by the tool company his father when he was 16. Stephen Jr. often visited the local hobby shop to buy parts for model airplanes.

I asked the owner when he visited it was something he could do to earn some extra money. One day the owner of the hobby shop gave him a miniature train track and asked if we could improve. He did a switch kit that started selling very well. He has sold so well that the whole family began assembling the equipment overnight. Father and son quickly realized they could make some tracks of life model building of the railway. Thus in 1947 the factory was opened in Hillside, New Jersey., Only through the model. The company currently manufactures a complete line of miniature train including locomotives, rolling stock, roads, structures and accessories.

Now lets take a look at Bachmann Industries, manufactures of N, HO, On30, O, G, S and model trains. They also build accessories, track, structures, and CDC controls. In 1899 a company called Carlisle company, which was directed by Henry E. Bachmann is merged with a company owned by his father, Henry G. Bachmann and his brother. The company changed its name to the brothers Bachmann. In the coming years, the company manufactures many different products, including sunglasses to the U.S. State Army Air Force during World War II. In 1968, the Company entered Bachmann model train manufacturing business with the introduction of a line of N scale trains and accessories. Entered the market in 1970 HO scale. In 1990, entered the market Bachmann G scale, which produces a wide range of tracks trolley locomotive railway, and accessories. In 1981, the company was sold to the Kader Group, which now produces the miniature train under the name of Bachmann Industries.

One of the most popular trains manufactured in the United States was Lionel. The railway company was founded in 1900 by Lionel Joshua Lionel Cowen and Harry C. Grant. In 1901, the company delivered its first set of model trains. This train was on the bronze rails and was operated from the battery. In 1906, the first product Linoel train that took place in three ways. It would become the best seller of the company. During the Second World War the company stopped production of its trains for the manufacture of metal products for the U.S. Navy. Meanwhile, Lionel train makes a document that is printed on a card and had to be at large. In 1945, the company began producing O scale trains alone. The company has experienced many difficult times and eventually went bankrupt. In 1986, Richard Kughan General Mills purchased Lionel. The new company would become Lionel LLC Lionel trains produced today. Only three manufactures model trains. There are several models over the manufacturers of railway trains. Whatever you decide to use the constructor will always remember with pleasure model trains.

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