Mercedes Benz Vehicle Car Show and History

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of not only cars, but trucks, coaches and buses. The company is a division of the parent company, called Daimler Benz.

Mercedes is one of the oldest car manufacturers and was built in 1886. The first Mercedes was launched in 1901. Unlike many other automakers, Mercedes is best known for introducing the latest technological changes, innovations safety and excellent technology in their cars. Mercedes has always been one of the most prestigious car companies with a strong balance sheet.

In the early days, Mercedes was also a race car, but not as good as the other race cars, including Ferrari and Lotus. Today, Mercedes participated in some races and did pretty well. Mercedes have come a long way since 1910. Today, all types of Mercedes automobile is available and sold worldwide.

Mercedes Benz has also produced innovative sports cars and McLaren. It worth nearly $ 500,000 from the EPE is usually seen in car dealership. Mercedes has become aware of the energy crisis and has several hybrid models and others are planned. The F700 engine with innovative DiesOtto has sold well in Europe. The S400 Hybrid will be launched later this year.

Mercedes has always been a leader in innovation. Some recent automobiles have a PreSafe system that acts as a radar for detecting impending collisions. The system the car security system is activated to respond appropriately. Mercedes even tried a fatigue detection system that warns drivers when sleep.With show signs of solid engineering and beautiful design, Mercedes will always be there for many years.

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