Mercedes-Benz: The tradition and the progress of the trust


What is the origin of trust? According to the dictionary, it is the belief in honest, fair and trustworthy properties that someone or something. According to their “Trucks you can trust” motto of Mercedes-Benz and is the promise that was given more than 100 years ago and has never been broken since.

It all began in 1896 when Gottlieb Daimler, founder of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, decided the future of freight transport by delivering the world’s first truck. The truck was basically a motorized cart, equipped with a 2-cylinder “Phoenix” engine built into the rear end. The engine generates 4 rooms with a capacity of 1.1 liters and provides power for 1500 kg payload.

In 1923, another German automobile engineer, Karl Benz designed a 4-cylinder diesel truck engine. His company, Benz & Cie, was the first to launch series production of diesel engines for industrial vehicles. Shortly after, in 1926, Daimler and Benz merged their companies to produce automobiles, motor vehicles and internal combustion engines. All machines, including trucks, began to carry the name of Mercedes-Benz and carry the emblem of a star with three branches. Meanwhile, all diesel engines run on low-grade fuels, reached the “OM” index, which means “olmotor”, ie engine oil.

Production rates have seen a gradual increase in the postwar period. Initially, the brand offers an impressive range of L and N trucks. Then, in the 1970s, cab versions on the engine have replaced the conventional versions, when Mercedes-Benz introduced its range of natural gas trucks (New Generation) . After a decade, it was replaced by new SK (heavy) models. Since the mid-90s, the company began to give special names for the entirety of its series of vehicles.

The most popular Actros

The upper segment of the long distance range is represented by the Actros trucks. The new generation of models integrates with vehicle configurations and variants of the cab versions and various transmission options and productive safety features. In general, a cost-effective method of better solutions is offered.

Offering all the possible amenities within the cabin, the manufacturer is guided by driver satisfaction rather than luxury. The main concern is that a more relaxed driver is a safer driver.

The Actros is available with a displacement option of four engines and 16 powers that produce 238 hp at 625 hp. As promised by the brand, each engine unit is designed to provide maximum fuel efficiency, torque and driving and minimal noise and emissions. In addition to saving on fuel, engines are allowed to reduce AdBlue consumption costs and maintenance.

The technology that supports the performance of the Actros truck has 4 groups of systems: braking, assistant, safety and economy.

The promise of unparalleled reliability of the company’s results in a long life, attested by dealers and customers entrusting their business to Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks. It is common knowledge that this is one of the biggest offers in the range of heavy trucks in the second hand market.

Production Antos

The distribution of heavy loads is the work area for Antos trucks. This offer has been developed specifically to work the delivery of 18 t. The field of application covers the transport of food, the transport by truck or dry load in bulk of the transport of merchandise and retail services. In addition to all the efficiency and safety enhancement features of the Actros range, variants of distribution models are equipped to transport the demands of sensitive and useful load based on volume.

The efficient Atego

Atego models represent solutions for small and medium distribution and construction applications. Variations range loads between 6.5 to 16 t. The engine offers Atego includes 2 displacement engines and 7 powers, generating 156 hp at 299 hp.

The gains in the areas of distribution and construction depend, in particular the operational efficiency. For this reason, all trucks on the line have a single entry step, providing easy entry. In addition, urban and interurban distribution can benefit from simplified access to cabin adhesion through the special movement of the manual gearbox (on the dashboard). As for construction operations, efficiency is maximized with cabin crew options and all traction models.

Robust Arocs

But when it comes to building a very hard job, then Mercedes-Benz has to rely on its specialty in the range of Arocs models. To ensure the most difficult tasks, the designers created a fully galvanized cabin, reinforced by the high strength flexible frame. In addition, the creators say that this is done without compromising the economy, as they have managed to combine a high payload and exceptional reliability with costs as low as possible to operate.

The weakness of the economy

It is used for distribution in disadvantaged neighborhoods, sending tracks to one side or in tight rural as garbage collection or as fire apparatus, the Econic truck has exceptional maneuverability and visibility. The lower cabin allows quick, efficient and safe entry / exit to facilitate intensive maneuvers, while panoramic windows provide unprecedented visibility on the front and sides. There are two diesel power units available (with the power of 299 hp or 354 hp), responsible for proper operation.

In general, all Mercedes-Benz models demonstrate the company’s motto in trust and the motto penetrates converting all the company’s projects.

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