Mercedes-Benz sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide


In the news: Mercedes-Benz Car Group has recently announced that it has sold 82,000 vehicles worldwide, including Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars. This sale is only for the month of February 2007, but the automaker said it is lower compared to the 83,800 units it sold in the same month of 2006.

The first two months of the year, Mercedes-Benz was able to record a sale of 156,500 units of vehicles, of which 78,000 are passenger vehicles sold worldwide resulting in a three percent increase over the same month Last year when the manufacturer has sold only 76,100 units. Similarly, the number of vehicles delivered to customers in the first two months of this year has provided the automaker an eight percent increase in the amount of 151,500 units compared to the same period last year with only 140,600 units .

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is well received in the market to think only a few weeks. The C-Class has always shown great potential, even before its official market launch, about 55,000 advance orders have been placed for the new model in Western Europe. Mercedes’ C-class sales were particularly strong in February with 1,900 units with an increase of about twenty-six percent compared to the result published in the same month of 2006.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class also recorded a substantial February increase. Sales of the series of high-end models reached 17,000 units, an increase of 18% over sales recorded during the same period last year. The E-class sedan also celebrates significant sales by publishing more than one million units sold since its initial launch in March 2002.

The S class continues to expand its leading position in the luxury market. And during the first two months of this year, Mercedes-Benz was able to deliver a total of 16,900 vehicles in the luxury segment. But the most rewarding result the automaker has achieved in terms of its CL-class Mercedes-Benz has been the popular choice of 3,400 customers worldwide since its launch in September 2006.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz Class and Mercedes-Benz Class B models remain strong, reaching a record sale of 36,000 deliveries just for the first two months of this year. The increase was supported by growth in all regions. In the US, sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in January and February this year grew 15%, or 34,400 units compared to the same period last year. The automaker also set a record sales in the Asia / Pacific region, with sales up 11 percent to just 20,200 units during the first two months of this year. For its market in China, including Hong Kong, Mercedes-Benz has recorded remarkable results in all kinds of vehicles. China’s passenger cars was able to register 4,800 vehicles sold only for the month of February 2007.

Mercedes-Benz for its market in Western Europe saw a rise of four percent to 81,600 units in the same period last year. Its smart brand was also able to deliver 4,000 vehicles to customers worldwide just for the month of February 2007 and that is not the whole fortwo model is almost sold out, which is not really surprising, because even before its launch to the official market In April Number of orders flooded by rent. And seven weeks after its launch, more than 30 000 customers have placed orders for the smart fortwo.

With the growing number of Mercedes-Benz owners, it is also expected that other sectors that sell Mercedes products will know the sales growth as the Mercedes parts sales segment of quality spare parts for Mercedes several Mercedes models. The reason behind this is that car owners always want to improve their vehicles and what better way than to equip their rides with spare parts.

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