Mercedes- Benz Commercial innovative 4MATIC

Mercedes- Benz has recently started advertising its statewide drive system of the wheel – the latest generation 4MATIC using a TV spot that is not so common. Single TV commercial presents a fun event Mercedes- Benz drive all the know -how . Advertising is developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt , the brand new leader . The ad was designed and skillfully used coordinated combination of movements and words performed by four talented actors demonstrating the perfect interaction of Mercedes- Benz four-wheel drive intelligently synchronized . Succession and the flow of words and the artistic movement defines the benefits of 4MATIC all -wheel drive technology in a clear and attractive way.

According to Dr. Olaf Göttgens , Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes- Benz , ” The Mercedes- Benz brand has a century of experience in the development and production of vehicles in driving all four wheels. ‘s Trade ‘La 4MATICs ‘ emphasizes demand management we have in this area. 4MATIC reinforce the benefits of the typical Mercedes-Benz characteristics , such as quality and safety of driving. in the first TV commercial cooperation with Jung von Matt , we present these benefits in an unusual way . ”

Mercedes- Benz 30 seconds per film director Sebastian Schipper, who is famous for her German films Gigantones and one of my friends was achieved. TV advert is just to provide a short boost trade . Television advertising plays an important role in promoting the 4MATIC technology. Trade will be released starting this weekend at the national level in both the public and private television in Germany. For promotion of internet, a banner campaign used his online advertisement.

Mercedes- Benz is offering manufacturer in the world with the widest range of premium vehicles drive four-wheel drive , which includes many variations of the 4MATIC is available in a total of seven series of models. It has a long tradition of Mercedes- Benz to develop and produce vehicles driving all four wheels.

Mercedes History Trivia

Then it was Mercedes-Benz Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft called and was famous for the construction of four-wheel drive car Dernburg . Today the new generation 4MATIC offers customers of Mercedes- Benz with a unique system of its kind that helps to easily manage critical situations , especially when faced with extreme conditions such as road driving along ice , snow, cobblestones slippery or wet surfaces makes it difficult to control the vehicle .

4MATIC maintains the high level of quality that is typical of Mercedes- Benz driving . It also improves traction and interaction ESP ® helps motorists to overcome all kinds of weather conditions. The compact and lightweight construction, 4MATIC offers several advantages in terms of weight , convenience and consumer safety. Also part of Mercedes- Benz tradition of quality is its range of auto parts, such as alternators his Mercedes , which are known for their durability and quality. The same characteristics that make the “Mercedes” they are.

The Mercedes- Benz alternator is an essential component of Mercedes as they keep the battery charged engine . Provides the power needed to operate the various car accessories Mercedes- Benz and keep the vehicle in good working order .

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