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McLaren MP4-12C Review

Claiming that their goal was so easy to win, Ron Dennis of McLaren Automotive launched the new MP4-12C. With the record of McLaren history, no one seems even close to daring to doubt this claim by Ron Dennis. At the launch, the honor belonged to both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to free the car from its coverage. This car is supplied with drive means and a carbon fiber chassis. Certainly, no other automaker on Earth could do the same.

In this McLaren based manufacturer in Britain, it is a moment of pride. And to prove it, Dennis tried to seduce those who came to the start-up, showing videos to the 2 world champions 2 F1 public mentioned above. The videos showed that Lewis and Jenson have participated in the McLaren MP4-12C research team, which managed to handle the Goodwood circuit for a pair of solid black MP4-12C prototypes.

Another proof that this car is bigger is the positive feedback that both Lewis and Jenson get. Everyone knows that these two world champions F1 are not the kind of people that just quite easily. However, they admire the performance of this particular car, the throttle grip and the level of comfort that the car can offer.

All these previous things have been made possible thanks to the fact that the McLaren MP4-12C has been designed according to guidelines that are known only to F1 teams. In fact, it’s even better is that Gordon Murray – the legend and father of McLaren F1 – admire this incredible car. It has been mentioned that there were many luxury cars around, but none of them could have a sophisticated and advanced chassis than what belongs to this car. He added that this is the main selling point of the McLaren MP4-12C and this demonstrates the close relationship that the car with the world of F1.

Carbon fiber chassis built with less than a millimeter average in terms of tolerance with a turbocharged V8 paired with a capacity of 3800 cc, which McLaren MP4-12C can accelerate from a stop up to 200 km / h in less than 10 seconds. However, even if McLaren has not announced the detailed specifications of this incredible car, so the claims that the car will stop at a speed of 160 km / h over a distance of up to 30 meters.

The wild performance of the car is of the lightness that is obtained through the chassis of carbon fiber that counts. This carbon fiber chassis has significantly reduced the weight of the car as the weight does not even reach 1300 kilograms. That said, this particular car is even lighter compared to Mercedes SLS and Ferrari 458, McLaren MP4-12C 2 competitors weighing 1620 to 1 485 kg, respectively.

However, another advantage of McLaren MP4-12C is that it produces less than 300 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Well, at least that’s what McLaren Automotive demands. So again, this car managed to beat its two rivals more, each product respectively 314 and 307 g / km of CO2.

This MP4-12C McLaren is also equipped with a transmission of clutch box of continuous change F1. With this technology, the driver of the McLaren MP4-12C will have the power to adjust the ratio of the gearbox according to your needs, whether performance or driving daily driving. However, in addition to the gearbox inspired by F1, the owner of this car will also find some other elements inspired by F1 technology. An example is the swing speed selector. This is exactly the same as the one used in F1 cars. This allows the driver to move up or down by pushing or pulling the lever accordingly.

There are other interesting things that McLaren MP4-12C owners can find in their car. For starters, there is a very sophisticated computer unit with a GHz 1.6 chip processor and an 80 GB hard drive. There are also 3 camera units -. Among other things, of course – it is located in the front of the car to allow drivers to record their behavior actions.

Rumor, the first installment of the McLaren MP4-12C will take place in November 2010. The car will be unveiled at £ 175,000. While this price may seem to cost an arm and a leg for many people, it is not likely to be a problem for those who do not want to miss out on the experience of driving this wonderful McLaren MP4-12C.

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