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One of the most famous sports cars and the most innovative in the world that has produced to date, the McLaren F1 broke the record to become the fastest production car ever achieved. Produced at age nine-nine to ninety-eight, the car still has the record for being the world’s fastest NA engine production car, though another three production cars hit its top speed in F1. McLaren was a milestone in car production, with a top speed of two hundred and forty miles per hour.

An extremely lightweight, nearly streamlined body, the car can still compete with today’s high performance cars, even with a decade of technological progress since the creation of F1. The six-liter BMW V12 was extremely powerful and produced more than five hundred and fifty horses. Although the car is equipped and designed for performance and, in fact, a race car edition that won the nine nine to ninety-five Le Mans, the interior has been designed with ease of use .

The car doors rise, and are known as butterfly doors. The driver sits in a certain position in the car, in front of the engine. Two passenger seats are located on each side of the driver, but later. The very low weight McLaren was obtained by using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, gold and magnesium. The aerodynamic capacity of the car is another important factor in its success. F1’s drag coefficient is even higher than that of today’s fastest cars, beating Buggatti Veyron the world’s fastest car, the SSC Aero.

The production of the car lasted six years between the nineteen years to the nineties for nineteen years and two and ninety-eight. Between this period, six hundred cars were produced, each taking three and a half months to produce.

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