Maserati – The king of luxury sedans ?

In a world market for luxury sedans has been a lot of saturation , can be difficult to identify the most efficient models of individual contenders for the crown. For ever BMW M series representative of the quality and performance of the room, has a Chrysler Sebring represents slightly less positive characteristics of the section. I’ve always found that the key to finding a large sedan is back in its history to see how it has evolved and where it began its genesis.

A good example of a luxury sedan with all the proper credentials is definitely the Maserati Quattroporte . Translated from Italian as just “four doors ” , the Quattroporte does exactly what it promises. The legacy of this car began back in 1963 , when the first Maserati Quattroporte has been deployed . At that time , this car was in the pantheon of luxury driving and always looks amazing so far, but the modern version is no slouch in the aesthetics department either.

The Maserati Quattroporte is that rare breed of car that will look just collecting natural children to school because it broke around a race track at over 140 miles per hour. Engine 6-speed transmission and powerful V8 puts the car in the same league as the leaders in the world of luxury sedans like the BMW M Series.

However, with such prestigious Maserati a badge , the price may be a bit expensive . I recommend keeping an eye on the market for Maserati , as it is possible to find a new model for about half the price of a new model due in large part to the rapid depreciation of the value of prestige vehicles . This savings means buying a car like the Maserati Quattroporte makes much more sense .

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