Maserati Super Charger – The Best Performance Tuning Turbo Kit

The centrifugation process super- turbo car charger ( which is often called simply the turbos ) aims to increase engine breathing . The end result is similar to the result of any chargers – increased air mass flow to the engine and the corresponding increase in capacity. Energy , as we know , depends on the amount of air entering the engine in its compressed form.

The Maserati company has achieved in its history to pass a sequence of turns . For 80 years , was observed in the segment of sports cars and BMW and Mercedes oppress roads . Furthermore, it has implemented many innovative solutions and technologies that are currently used in the production of cars and sport utility vehicles look and comfortable with spectacular features in speed. Now is the main target of the brand! In May 1993 , the company became the property of FIAT , and since 1997 , is administered by the “Ferrari” .

The main difference between the turbo and traditional mechanical drive is in how it is activated. All kits are inherently turbochargers – pumps . Charger Air Pump Super kits and each of them, of course , require a source of energy to carry out this function. Turbo kits mechanical drive ( , screw type or volume centrifuge ) operated by receiving power from the crankshaft via a mechanical connection – a belt , gears, etc. obtained turbocharger drive energy to the work of the gas stream escape.

In summary, we can say that the ” black magic ” is not magic boots at all, but simply a more efficient use of energy, which is dissipated by the motor. However, if the former things have transmitted to engine designers and developers in recent decades – and it is not an exaggeration. But now you can see a huge popularity of turbo kits for cars. It is more appropriate for people who want to improve engine performance. The efficiency is actually achieved by the installation of super chargers for car brand Maserati.

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