Lamborghini Car Show & Vehicle History

Lamborghini sports car is a luxury Italian with a rich history. The company was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 and was an immediate success. It is claimed that the Lamborghini was a tractor that was not working properly and had a meeting with Enzo Ferrari to complain about the problem. Enzo dismissed the issue by saying that the clutch was fine, but the driver was poor. Irritated , Lamborghini has launched a company to compete with Ferrari . In 1964, he did just that with the introduction of the 350GT

It was followed by more than GT and the company took fire. With refined elegance, and large motors , this low-slung car like a Fiat , but it was much faster . Over the years, Lamborghini Countach LP500 product became an overnight success , but it was short lived due to the oil crisis of the 70s.

The company has been plagued by numerous failures and the company merged with Chrysler. Chrysler further improved the fastest car , but the bad economic situation prohibits sales.

Was again sold and Lamborghini Diablo SV was soon released. Later, Audi AG bought the company and also redesigned the car. Today , Lamborghini is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group .

One problem with Lamborghini has been at the expense of purchase. The Mucielago LP640 now is cheaper than the Gallardo Spyder or but sales have picked up . Even if the cars are fast and efficient , they are still expensive for the general public . It is speculated that four-door sedan could be the next step in this sport .

Unlike many other European cars , Lamborghini did not enter the race track for a long time . This is because the original owner has not seen the sport circuit as a profitable business and thought it was expensive. In the 90s , Lamborghini sporadically enter the racing circuit and did well .

At present , all work and redevelopment of new Lamborghini are on hold due to the economy of words.

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