Kia Soul Hamsters Rocks and me

Kia Soul Hamsters

Generally I do not articles on foreign cars made ​​, but I’ll make an exception for the new Kia Soul . Now, I’m not fat imports, but have to give credit to the last attempt to Kia.

Kia has always been a cheap affordable car with a good warranty . Most of their vehicles are stripped enough features to keep their prices low. I never considered the commuted value Kia – until now.

I had my first contact with the soul through his infamous trade hamster wheel (which has seen everything ) . My first reaction was : “Wow, what a lame commercial” and still is my reaction , but when I looked , then drove a new Kia Soul I’m honestly surprised at what I saw … led the pack “!” (Yes, that ‘s what he called it) that was much better inside (and outside) that most Kia see on the road today.

Inside was a black cloth and two tones (which I like the red interior package ” Sport” ) and all buttons on the control panel were pleasantly accessible and requires very little space. One of the things that really struck me was the sound system of 315 watts and eight speakers firing pulses smart in them. It has been very interesting. Speaker accent lights bounce to the rhythm of his music in the same way as possible the replacement of neon accessories . Very neat feature of a factory.

The sound was fantastic and I can honestly say this is by far the best audio on any Kia I’ve ever driven and it is not too hard to get used to having 8 speakers compared the classical four .

I also like the roof line in the soul, reminds me a side view of the helmet of Master Chief Halo character . Ascetic original but very pleasing to the eye .

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