Kia luxury sedan : Examine possibilities


Kia Motors is known for manufacturing high-end cars . Long considered the poor relation of Hyundai, itself a budget carmaker , Hyundai Kia followed the steps in recent years to improve its image and product range . Undoubtedly, the Kia Optima is now a beautiful midsize sedan , the car the right price and offers many consumers want to buy existing facilities .

Kia Mystique

With the Optima, Kia sells other popular models , including its range of compact Forte models , young soul and Sorento crossover . Then there’s the Kia Cadenza , a great car driven by four and six cylinder . No fills the bill this large traditional car buyers want and that is a V -8 engine, which leaves open the possibility of an even larger and more luxurious sedan can follow .

Rumors continue Hyundai Kia offers a high-end model have emerged in recent months after the successful launch of Hyundai Equus your line from the end of 2010. Before that, Hyundai introduced the Genesis sedan and coupe , which happens to be a serious competitor to the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class , but less of the Cadillac CTS.

While some have theorized that combines luxury and Hyundai would be a futile effort , sales proved otherwise . Consumers have shown that they are willing to accept all things Hyundai, a brand now recognized to provide a rock solid quality , excellent value , state of the art and style with the best warranty in the industry .

Kia will face similar obstacles to bring a luxury full-size sedan or high quality in the market , as well as other factors, including :

High gas prices – As of this publication, $ 4 per gallon gasoline is a challenge for the drivers. However, when it comes to full-size luxury , V – 8 Rules . If the great Kia offers 25 miles per gallon , you can have a try. Again, at this price drivers would prefer an Audi or Cadillac ?

Fierce competition – Great Kia should be priced to attract the attention of drivers who might otherwise buy a Buick Lucerne or had already bought for a Mercury Grand Marquis. The old model is old and will soon be arrested , this latest model has ceased production in 2010. Kia may seize car owners before others involved ?

The residual value – Hyundai new car values ​​are stronger than ever, but still can be said of Kia ? This is difficult to quantify a vehicle that is not even sold. If the prices of large sedan Kia intelligently, can attract buyers who do not want to worry about sharp drop car values ​​a few years down the road.

Competition Hyundai – Kia Optima is a formidable competitor to the Hyundai Sonata movement, but have not forwarded Hyundai sales . With a full-size sedan that could change if the model of Kia going after the same customers. The luxury market is profitable, but is also a small market.

Kia deciding whether a large sedan on the market? Expect a decision later this year, the automaker continues to demand for their vehicles . If gas prices downward , while Kia will offer another reason to build your own luxury import fighter .

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