Key Features Mobile Automotive Detailing Machines

The demand for mobile car detailing has been increasing in recent years. What began as a characteristic value of a business car cleaning adding became a business opportunity freehold. Manufacturers and suppliers have realized this fact too.

As a result, you can now find a growing number of professional cleaning equipment designed specifically for mobile car detailing. Many of these machines have very advanced features that were not available before.

Check out some of the new sophisticated features available with these machines:

more power
A traditional pressure washing system using output pressure cleaning. For cleaning vehicles, you can not use a machine with a pressure level greater than 1500 psi output. Most powerful output pressure surface can remove loose paint on the vehicle.

How can add more power to detail car mobile machine, without causing the threat of damage to the paint? The answer is, simply increasing the outlet temperature. Some modern machines specially designed for cleaning vehicles offer an outlet temperature steam up to 250 ° F and hot water temperature to 210 ° C.

These latest mobile car detailing machine offers a combination of thin washers and steam pressure vessels. These can melt the dirt and impure substances stuck on the surfaces of the vehicle and blast away all accumulations of dirt, including grease and oil.

Traditional portable washers are wheels attached or can be attached to a truck or trailer. Wheeled machines are suitable for cleaning vehicles in a small area. However, these machines are not so great to get to a remote location.

On the other hand, power washers that can be connected to a truck or trailer are best suited for transport to distant places, but are not practical for car dealer.

A modern innovation in mobile car detailing machines is removable wheels. These wheels can be attached to cleaning machines in a small area, while for transporting a remote location, the wheels can be removed and machine steam car wash can be attached to a truck or trailer.

In short, modern washing machines moving cars are time machines that can be used anywhere and any object of a cleaning vehicle.

Low speed machines
Speed is another concern for cleaning equipment mobile car. This is not something that account for pressure washers only. In general, all types of auto retailer should have a low flow.

For ordinary washing system pressure, flow increases with the level of output pressure. However, if pressure washers should be used as automotive retailer came to have a low rate.

If the steam engine car wash has a high rate, so that more water will flow down. This may adversely affect the prospects of mobile car wash business. Car detailing machines equipped with low flow technology ensure the fastest cleaning, which, in turn, ensures that the business of mobile car wash running profitably.

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