Is driving a motorhome


Make an appointment with your chosen provider in advance. Some dealers will be able to make a specific testing vehicle available on short notice. The best time is more than enough time to cover all the details, so ask the sales person about planning a route and make any specific request, such as extra freight and passengers. If the result is a demo model, make sure it has the same engine and the same specifications as the model you want to buy.

Used car

If it is an old motorhome you want to try, ask if you can start yourself. If the engine is hot when it arrives, it may have been preheated to hide starting difficulties. If the field day clutch at the top of the pedal travel, it is likely to be used, so ask for a replacement. If administration is carried on one side, monitoring should be adjusted. If there is a large amount of play on the steering wheel, the steering gear can be used and is quite serious.

Drive test

Test drive using the maximum number of passengers who are likely to be in charge of a normal trip. Check that the feet can touch the ground. Is there enough space for an extra child seat? The heater or air conditioner that will be ready to operate in extreme conditions? If possible, simulate a full load – if it is a garage model, ask the dealer if you can load your bike or motorcycle to see how the motorhome is facing weight distribution. If you like driving with a full tank of water, ask to fill it. The ideal is to visit a scale to check the weight of the caravan, either empty or, better yet, with his kit on it. (Remember that many weighing bridges must be booked in advance.)

Plan your route to test all possible driving conditions and make it long enough for you to get a real idea for the level of seat comfort travel. Include a steep hill, a stretch of the highway or freeway and a bit of urban driving. Try a slope start, to see how the clutch feels. Consider the long journey factors: for example, the stereo provides sufficient volume so that all passengers can easily listen to audio books or music on long journeys?


The caravan-appropriate in your driveway? If the dealer is local and your unit is difficult to obtain, it is worth checking to see how you can easily park. Consider whether it will be more difficult to negotiate at night and to assess the safety of where you will park. Check how easy it would be to empty the waste outlet into a campsite without a dedicated service point. Can I install an extension to flush the wastewater into a power leak?

At the wheel

Try to park the motorhome as if it were touring – if you prefer small and motorhomes like parking in the middle of the cities, see how it works. If it is an old caravan, is it likely that the caravan unit will be able to cope without any other person’s power steering? If you sometimes drive alone, try to park yourself. If the caravan is a class A (we can only have a car door) or an import with a door out of play housing, where each passenger exit?


Are retro-fitted accessories, such as reverse sensors, working as they should? Keep in mind the accessories you need and how they can affect visibility. The most obvious is a rear bracket that lengthens the vehicle and restricts your rear view mirror.


Cover all angles. Simulate difficult visibility conditions that can arise, especially if you drive a vehicle abroad, such as driving on the right side of the road and turning left by a hill with poor visibility of the direction of the traffic reversing. Your passenger can see enough so that he will say when it is safe to leave the rear passengers dim the view?

Noise test

Do a noise test. Drive the motorhome on an uneven road surface to see if its squeaks and rattles or sets teeth grinding. But before you put in place, make sure you have done everything that is reasonable to stop the noise, such as removing the pans from the grill and the baking oven trays. Check the locks in the front cabinet to go, and the rest is secured.

Maintenance and repair

Identify the best service agent for the base vehicle in terms of quality of service, study size (short-term service availability) and cost. Ideally, this will be the supplier or any of your subcontractors. Consider replacement and service costs over the life of the vehicle.


These are just a few steps to get you in the right mood while viewing a motorhome for the first time. Motorhomes are big and therefore they must spend much more time in the examination of one to buy a car. If something does not feel right, ask the owner or dealer and make sure you are satisfied with the answer before continuing. If there are doubts, it is best to allow yourself time to reconsider, instead of buying the caravan and having the rest of your life to reconsider.

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