Indianapolis Speedway – 100 years of automotive innovation

Over the past 100 years, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been home to some of the racing cars the most exciting. Although the news has focused on the action of an oval shape, activity behind the scenes created its own kind of excitement. In their efforts to achieve the best possible speed, mechanics and engineers working on race cars have created innovations that have made the transition from pit row on the road.

In fact, the first race of 500 miles of Indy in 1911 saw the opening of the mirror. At that time, a driver had a passenger in auto mechanics, it is found that the drag car drivers. Driver Ray Harroun had a different idea. Instead of the additional passenger, decided that the drivers could see if a mirror is mounted on the front of your car. The additional weight of a passenger would be eliminated, then reduce wind resistance and increase the potential for greater speed. The idea helped Harroun becoming the first winner of the Indy 500. Finally, the mirror has also attracted the interest of car manufacturers. Today it is standard equipment on all cars.

Usually, these races were the two field trials for new products and promotional tools. Manufacturers such as Firestone Tire Rubber, could show the public how well their products on the market. In the first half of 1900, Firestone has the same tires for track and road at a time. The idea was to impress racing fans, who could then buy Firestone tires in their own vehicles. “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday” has become the commercial practice of Firestone.

The tradition of Firestone was the victory secured in 1925 by Peter DePaolo Speedway. In the new Firestone balloon, an average of 101.13 mph DePaolo no problems with the tires. In fact, each of the ten best drivers had balloon tires. The success of Firestone convinced the public that the new rubber tires lasted longer ball. In addition, the tires tested to deliver a comfortable ride.

Balloon tires were only the beginning of the innovation efforts of manufacturers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Over the years, he continued to improve the tire casing and motor. Many of these innovations have been transferred to public vehicles.

Today the racing industry is highly specialized in auto mechanics and parts dedicated only to the race car. However, the practice of promoting the best we can offer a manufacturer remains an important part of the tradition of the Indianapolis 500.

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