Hybrid Cars History

Hybrid cars have existed in the United States for 10 years, the hybrid best known and most popular is the Toyota Prius, but most car manufacturers and at least one hybrid model.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that is powered by two energy sources, gas and electricity, ie. Open the hood of a hybrid car and the chance to see an ordinary gasoline engine and an electric motor. Both work in conjunction with others.

When you’re driving around town, or the acceleration of a stop position of the electric motor powers the car. Once the car reaches a certain speed of regular gas engine cuts in and takes over. The advantage of a hybrid car is that you do not find electric charging stations. The batteries that power the electric motor is recharged while the engine is running or when the car is freedom of movement, such as the descent. In addition, when the car out of, the electric motor operates as a generator, which also charges the batteries.

Hybrid cars are the intermediate step between a regular gasoline car and an electric car. Many observers believe that with the continued decline of oil, regular gasoline powered cars are numbered. However, it is far enough, because although there are several examples of electric cars around, speed and low mileage between the needs recharging only suited to the short distances in the city.

However, hybrid cars and people who bought them, has meant there has been an exceptional investment in the technology of electric motor and battery. The batteries of hybrid cars still weighs a considerable amount and much room, but in the last decade gradually loading smaller, more durable and faster.

The next stage of transition from a gasoline car and goes electric plug-in hybrid car. It is still a hybrid, but can also be connected to the loading stations. This means they may have larger batteries, so you can go further, are charged with a charging station at night, or while taking a break for coffee. However, you still have a gasoline engine, so if you have to go a little faster, and cuts gas engine to charge the battery simultaneously.

The problem with a hybrid car is the price, which is more than a gas car to normal size. Hybrid that converts gas savings that you get to pay the initial extra costs over time. Critics argue that, long before the time you get to recover the extra cost, you will need to replace expensive batteries, or even be necessary to replace the car.

In all cases, there are many people who never buy a regular turnover of petrol cars new and increased in the United States tends to support this. There is no doubt that oil will be exhausted, making it the best in the world trying to find an alternative method to power the car beloved sooner rather than later.

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