How to save money by keeping your car

You can save a lot of money by learning how to perform maintenance on your car. Spending just 10-20 minutes per week to review your vehicle to keep your operation can save a lot of money.

Auto Repairs can be expensive, but many of the most common repairs can actually be avoided if you know how to properly maintain your vehicle. Your first step should be to read the owner’s manual of your vehicle. This will give you much information about the vehicle and how it should be maintained and operated.

These are the steps you should take once a week to inspect and maintain your vehicle:

· Have someone watch your lights while using all the indicators, brake lights and lights to make sure they all work properly.

· Check all belts and hoses under the hood and see if there are cracks or breaks. Replace anything that shows too much wear or pipes with cracks in them.

· Check the tire pressure and make sure it is in the form proposed by the range owner’s manual.

· Check the tires for cracks or cuts. If you see something, have it checked before it gets worse or bust tires while driving.

· If the engine is not running, check the oil in the engine pulling the bar and wipe off excess oil. Then reconnect it and see if the oil level is within the normal range. Add oil if necessary.

· Get ​​an oil change and filter change every 3,000 miles.

· Look under the vehicle for fluid leaks and check all fluid levels in the vehicle for potential leaks. It is a common cause of many failures of vehicles.

· Check the battery and battery connections for corrosion or other signs of problems. If the connectors are corroded, should be removed and cleaned with a wire brush.

· Check brakes and brake fluid. If the level is low, add more.

· Check power steering and power steering fluid. Add more if needed.

If you follow these tips, you can make a weekly check on your vehicle that will help you avoid many of the common problems that owners of cars cost a lot of money. Now that you know how to save money by keeping your car, you do not have to worry about many of the common problems that cause unnecessary expense.

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