How cars can be greener than hybrids

Used vehicle and environment

Perhaps there is no greater symbol of man’s relationship to the environment than the oil rig. The fact is that Americans are addicted to oil, and the rest of the world. We use it for heating, energy, transportation, plastics, and a number of other requirements that make almost every part of modern life. So why a great help to the environment cars?


Many people turn to the environmental crisis and are forced to buy a hybrid. These cars use less fuel to operate because they also use electric batteries. However, most of them require a tremendous amount of energy to build – on some estimates, in the neighborhood of one hundred million BTUs of energy, almost the same as a thousand gallons of gasoline. This means that each new hybrid on the market has already resulted in the equivalent of about 50,000 miles or more when you use relative BTU.

In addition, hybrid cause serious problems as regards emissions. These vehicles operate on two motors, which increases the production costs through the roof in terms of air quality. In addition, the electric batteries are full of dangerous chemicals, many of which are strip-mined in areas with less stringent environmental policies than the United States, a classic example shift-the-load. Many of hybrid is estimated that actually leave the environment worse because of the cost of transporting heavy batteries across the ocean materials in tanks. And as plug-in cars sounds like a good idea, the electricity used to power from a coal plant, which can cause more pollution than gasoline, in the long term.

The manufacturing process

When considering the environmental impact of buying a car, MPG condition is usually the first to come to mind. This is not entirely wrong move, as more efficient than the car is, the less energy is expended and less pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. However, each new car needs energy to produce. This is true traditional SUV, the plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

used cars

Used cars, on the other hand, have already occurred, do not add a new burden on the environment. This, of course, is especially true for vehicles in good condition and have great gas mileage. environmental savings of buying a compact car with an MPG of about 35, for example, is immense. Many recent studies have shown that cars are often a better investment in the environment of a new hybrid, simply because of the lack of manufacturing cost and effectiveness of many late 90s and early 2000 commuter vehicles. At the end of the day, the rust bucket could earn the shiny new hybrid, even with all the marketing in the world.

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