How Car Engine Works

Another name for an automobile engine is the internal combustion engine; that is designed to use controlled explosions on a small scale to produce the energy needed to operate the vehicle. The same engine used in lawnmowers, motorcycles and other devices that use motors operation. There have been a number of developments to make better use of energy and increase efficiency, but car engines are simple machines.

Vehicle engines use four combustion cycles of the race, ie intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. These four steps are repeated in quick succession to produce electricity to run a car and these four steps involved in the interior of a car engine.

Imagine a windmill, this will give a better idea of the motor car, his arms move with the wind and how they move, produce energy which is then used to move heavy batteries or to produce energy.

The car engine works on the same principle, but with winds up, use small controlled explosions to move the pistons and engine when the engine runs with the energy of the explosion occurs another explosion, which forces the piston to move again and this process continues until needed.

A small metal rod attached to a connecting rod via a crankshaft is called a piston. When the engine through an intake stroke of the piston is moved down when the inlet valves open, to initiate the process. This gives you the opportunity to air and a small amount of gas entering the engine.

In the following compression cycle ie opposite movement cycle of the piston occurs and the air becomes thinner and reduces fuel. This contributes to the explosion of the space will be smaller, bigger the explosion will be. To ensure that no energy is lost, a tight seal in this space remains firmly.

When the cycle is at the peak of the candle in the liberating action of a spark exploding gasoline. Take the piston down and if there is a lapse of time of the explosion does not occur.

The exhaust valve springs into action within the race to ensure that no residual residual gas remains inside the motor. On the basis of the race, an exhaust valve opens so that the exhaust gas can be far explosion engine. The gas moves downward with recurrent explosions catalytic converter and muffler. The exhaust gas exits the car through an exhaust pipe and air filter of major pollutants before the process.

Vehicle speed depends on the speed and repetition cycle, the piston moves faster when the driver large quantities of gas injected into the engine, which contributes to increased cycle speed, and hence faster speed car.

The central role given to the spark that starts the explosion. Spark plug designs have improved over time. Is very important because the speed of the car is directly dependent on the speed of ignition problems plug.

Thus, an automobile engine operates. It is expected that you will like the information in this article.

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