Honda Fit vs. Scion XB

Earlier cars had thirst for gas in a gas pump has never been too, the price increases and dimensions if any squeezed market entry. Then this vacuum was filled by Scion XB sale for a type of car insurance. Scion actually happened in 2004, amending the rules on market access.

Then in 2006, Honda Fit was born; this car was first introduced in Japan. Immediately after its release 25,000 cars were sold with top sales charts. Starting price is $ 14,445, which includes most of all practical elements and safety devices. Just pay $ 15.765 for the car that contains features such as auxiliary input, best music, aerodynamic body design, fog lamps, keyless entry, cruise control, 195 / 55HR15 tires and alloy wheels 15 inches each. Each Honda Fit has an engine that can develop 109 horsepower, “VVT” or VTEC DOHC four-valve.

After he became famous as a very practical car for everyone, customers need a car brand that marked the creation of Scion XB. After it came into existence, the 103hp 1.5-liter engine was replaced by a mill with 128 horsepower and 1.8 liters, which contained “VVT” or VTEC cams for both intake and exhaust. Even the previous tires were banned 195 / 60HR16s. Now function keyless entry and cruise control became standard.

The price of the Scion XB is twice Scion XA. The exact difference between Honda Fit and Scion XB is based on the distance between identical axes 96.9 inches 96.5 inches for Scion and Honda. Comparing other dimensions, one can find that are almost identical, Scion is 1.7 inches longer and Honda Fit measured only 2.7 inches longer. Both cars are 60.0 inches high.

Since then, Honda Fit fuel tank is located under the front seats; we find the most spacious cars. Therefore, Honda Fit provides foot space for 41.9cubic for storing goods. But Scion XB can afford only 35.7cubic feet after their split-back seats are fixed.

Honda Fit offers 90.1cubic foot passenger volume, while Scion XB offers 84.5cubic feet as living space. Honda Fit comes with 109hp, 105 pounds-feet of torque, but not enough for the vehicle to move 2472 pounds box is smart to go maneuvers and roads. But Scion XB has 128 hp, torque of 125 pound-feet underfoot, and cars move without too much noise, despite its weight is 2615 pounds.

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