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This is another in a series of articles, to decompose and criticism, automakers that sell booklets. Point of Sale (POS) materials represent millions of dollars a year in the automotive industry. We want to look at the bottom of these marketing brochures and examine sales and marketing angles for each particular model. In this article we will take a closer look at the 2008 Honda Civic Honda has a color brochure 18 pages dedicated to selling their ideas, trying to readjust the way you look Honda Civic today.

When you think Honda Civic, what comes to mind? We believe, great gas mileage, reliability, practicality, just a smart purchase. These qualities and ideas are still part of the overall DNA Honda Civic Honda, but want to change the mindset of the Civic. Honda goes after a different market.

“Spontaneity, intensity and fun” … not yesterday advertising keywords associated with the Honda Civic.

Immediately on page 3, Honda asks you to “Go Ahead, Open It Up”. Let’s see what will make this baby. “Killer Looks”, “Next-Big-Thing-tech”, “Burn Up The Pavement”, a word that I normally do not adhere to the Civic. People grow this Honda and the person driving experience in an attempt to attract a completely different demographic.

No doubt, the Civic has grown. The idea of ​​a navigation system in a lower end models of cars ranges may seem a bit much, but Honda has decided to dedicate an entire page navigation version. Leather interior also received a single page full coverage in an attempt to move away from traditional civic market in a more bold and aggressive buyer.

“A lot of thrust, Little thirst” … It’s a little closer to the Civic marketing we have all become accustomed to. Fuel consumption and a little zip, is my old Civic.

Honda returned to its roots in an extension of three pages to market only the Honda Civic Hybrid 2008. This is what I expect as the Honda Civic. The hybrid version of the Honda Civic 2008 makes perfect sense for this model. Ever the practical choice for fuel economy, the economies of the initial investment and the costs of the global automotive industry, Civic now extends to save the environment “green” with the Honda Civic Hybrid. They appeal to your intelligence, “hybrid: a smarter way to drive” and appeal to their general concern for the environment conventionally Honda has always done ..

The Honda Civic Si Coupe is the part of the prospectus to expect some content in food and style and verve. “Obey Your Wilder Side” is a perfect place for this level of finish Civic advance. The IS has always had a suite with young demo “Generation X”, and Honda has done a great job building this new Civic model segmented audiences. Load a color, Habanero Red Pearl, was another nice touch.

Security only won one page of the booklet and there is only one page describing the “DNA” of the Honda Civic.

Honda made a conscious effort to expand its market, even for the Civic. This could be a bit of a risk for a model that has been more successful than anyone could have imagined Honda. I am sure the likes of the Nissan Sentra and Mazda3 have marketing department to rethink the whole Honda Civic. However, a niche is a niche is a niche. Outside the area that worked so well for them in the past are intensified. It will be interesting to see whether enlarged or reduced market share for the Civic with this approach.

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