History of Volvo cars

Volvo Cars, now part of Ford Motor Company, was originally a subsidiary of SKF, a ball manufacturing company. Name Volvo is Latin for “I roll”, a clear example of the early engagement of the company in the area of ??ball bearings. Volvo was founded in 1927 in Sweden, became an independent SKF, when the company began trading on the stock exchange in Sweden. In 1999, he bought Volvo Cars by Ford Motor Company, formerly owned by AB Volvo.

Volvo, now in the car market today is much of its sales in Europe. It is reported that sixty percent of total sales of Volvo in European dealerships, with another thirty percent in North America, where its market share shrinks. The data released by Volvo shows that the U.S. is the leading provider of Volvo cars, with over 100,000 units sold in 2007. It is believed that Volvo has a good performance in emerging economies like China and India, although these sales are only ten percent said global sales of Volvo. The first Volvo models produced are often referred to as being big, heavy and brick as a link between the automotive and Volvo Construction Equipment are also produced. Today’s models are much more elegant, with a reputation for success in a great performance. Volvo is also well known for their high mileage threshold, with the car is reliable and well built.

The original Volvo was wholly owned by SKF, the manufacture of bullets, with Gabrielsson appointed MD of Volvo. Larson joined Gabrielsson, who became head coach of Volvo, both the safety of the declaration is the number one priority groups made cars. The first car produced by Volvo car left the factory in 1927, labeled with the symbol of the Volvo brand, a sign of old iron – representing strength and marketing of the quality of iron used for cars famous Swedish mines. Volvo’s original name was, in fact, originally intended to be used in a ball bearing, the company created to provide bearings for the U.S. market, but the name was transferred to their cars when cars began to be produced by the company.

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