History of the Suzuki GT550

Suzuki GT 550 was part of the famous GT (Grand Touring) series of the 1970s, which included the GT750 and GT380. Made up of six years (1972-1977), the GT550 is available in six different models, starting in 1972 and ending with GT550J GT550B 1977. As a result, each year, the bike came with improved functionality, although the main specifications remained almost unchanged. In total, over 60,000 units of this bike trails were sold worldwide, making it one of the most popular Suzuki machines luxury this time.

In the heart of the Suzuki GT550 was a powerful 543cc engine that was one of the first three-cylinder, two-stroke motorcycles are on the roads in the UK. Relying heavily on technologies developed for racing motorcycles Suzuki GT550 incorporates several unique features. One was the ram air control system, forcing air flow over the inner cylinders, helping to keep operating temperatures under control. This is important because he realized that two-stroke Suzuki loses power quickly in the event of overheating, which may affect the travel experience. Therefore, Suzuki GT550 was one of the first large two-stroke motorcycle which could cross comfortably for several hours at a time. He also introduced the automatic oil mixing visible emissions and control.

The engine of the Suzuki GT550 gave 48.5 hp at 6500 rpm (53 hp improvement in newer models), which gives a lot of pressure for the large 440-pound bike. On the road, drivers can use the 5-speed transmission with constant mesh upper speed exceeding 100 mph coaxial, what makes this bike up to road bikes even more powerful. Older models came with drum brakes only if a disc brake was quickly adopted by Suzuki for safety brake. The long wheelbase and stable suspension means that the GT550 is very stable and maneuverable for its size, improving the driving experience.

Although the Suzuki GT550 was a touring bike popular in the 1970s, some of its glory has been stolen by the most glamorous GT750, which has participated in several races. Consequently, most collectors and connoisseurs prefer GT another, but a solid core is always faithful to this brilliant design. It can be difficult to find replacement parts, so it is always advisable to check some reputable dealers. After all, with proper care and maintenance, a Suzuki GT550 still offers performance to rival many current production machines!

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