History of the Classic Car Club of America

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One of the most popular classic car clubs is the Classic Car Club of America. At first, the cars listed by the club were considered too modern and that few people would be interested because the cars will be useless. Well, times have changed and the cars from the collection of Classic Car Club of America that remain are the best collection in the world.

The corporation nonprofit composition was said to have coined the term “Classic Cars”. These vehicles are well assembled between 1925 and 1948. Overall, it was built in limited editions in limited quantities and have a high price when new. Cars built before 1925, similar to 1925 classic costumes are also well known for its excellent design, high standards of engineering and fine workmanship. Other factors to consider if a car is considered classic are automated lubrication systems, power clutch, brakes and engine capacity. Cars that fall into these categories mentioned are of interest to the Classic Car Club of America.

The organization was founded in the car enthusiasts who owned Cadillac models and similar vintage would not be eligible to participate in the oldest organization dedicated to cars: Antique Automobile Club of America. These cars were classified as “Cars” trailer. In their minds, the correct term to use is “classic” and a new organization was to be formed.

Classic Car Club of America was born in March 1952. The early years of the club, there was a modest participation of twenty .. That changed when Herb Shriner club invited to exhibit at the International Motor Sport Show. After exposure, over 75 cars entered enthusiasts. Eighteen months after the club began, the club had more than 200 members.

First exhibition of the club took place in Washington State Park in New Jersey and is entitled “classic”. His first tour began in August, when the club was a guest on the Packard Motor Company. The classics have been published in the famous ground circuit to demonstrate Packard. Today, there are members who joined even outside the country. More than 5000 members joined the club to date. The Classic Car Club of America is everywhere where classic cars are honored and celebrated.

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