History of Lagonda Cars

The entity would Lagonda first started life in a garden of a house in Staines, motorcycle production. Wilbur Gunn motorcycles manufactured in a very small scale, but an indication of its workforce and the capacity is evidenced by the success in competitions in which they entered on his bike.

Wilbur Gunn began building his first car of nineteen oh-seven – the torpedo, which produced twenty brake horsepower of an engine of six cylinders. The torpedo was a great success, finishing first in the track from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The successful performance of torpedoes in Russia led to an influx of orders from the country of export Wilbur Gunn. Lagonda also started production of 11.1, a 1 liter compact car that was quite innovative. Car production ceased with the onset of World War I, where Lagonda began producing shells for the war effort.

11.1 has been updated after the First World War, with a bigger engine and improved components, now named 11.9, followed later model 12. The founder, Wilbur Gunn, died in 1920, leaving the existing board in the control of the car. The 14/60 was released, a twin cam sports model with a capacity of 2 liters. The car was innovative for Lagonda, and his sports car first produced, and was written by Arthur Davidson.

The Rapier and 16-80 were born in the thirties, both equipped with pre-shifter. Lagonda M45 took place very quickly, which was equipped with a 4467cc engine that produced high speeds, less than a hundred miles an hour. Another variant is born, the M45R Rapide, a shorter version but more powerful to listen to the M45, which has won five races in the Le Mans 1930.

Mid-thirties were turbulent years of Lagonda, with financial problems resulting in the receiver called Fortunately, it offers on the table of Rolls-Royce and Alan Good, who managed to outbid RR. Well Alan took over the company, and put in WO Bentley as a designer.

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