History of cars

The automotive history dates back more than you could possibly imagine. Of course, the first car that was nothing like today’s cars. For most first cars, the sources are so poor they can not even say for sure if they have worked. Thus, the first two cars are not confirmed, but there is a general consensus on the first car in automotive history. In 1672, Ferdinand Verbiest built steam powered car first.

It took some time for the next major breakthrough to occur. In 1806, Isaac de Rivaz became the first internal combustion engine. And nearly a century later, in 1881 Gustave Trouvé built a working three-wheeled vehicle powered by an engine to internal combustion engine. Since then, history, coach and develop the car stepped a little.

In 1885, one of the “legends” in the history of the first car made an appearance. Karl Benz built his first car and in the next 8 years, sold 25 cars. This is also the time when cars Daimler and Maybach began business.

In 1893, Karl Benz made his first four-stroke engine and four years later, Rudolf Diesel built the first diesel. In 1902, Daimler and Maybach first car produced under the Mercedes name. This is also the year that is earlier Oldsmobile.

Oldsmobile was the first automaker in the history of the car to use some sort of assembly line for automobile production. This line was later upgraded to the maximum of Henry Ford. In 1914, Ford car rolled off the line every three minutes! In 1930, most car manufacturers that have no manufacturing line has disappeared. That was the end of the first period in automotive history.

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