GMC Sierra has paved the way for true hybrid cars


Thanks to Bob Brown GMC in Des Moines, Iowa had the opportunity to test the 2009 GMC Sierra hybrid pickup truck last week. Let me start by saying , this truck was nothing like pickups I’ve had or driven before. At the same time , if you are familiar with the end of the Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado , you may not notice a big difference between them and the new green machine drive (and this is a good thing! ) .

If your mind is set on buying a new Sierra , you have many choices this year. Apart from the hybrid version , GMC also offers 1500 , 2500HD , 3500HD , and the Sierra Denali. Prices range from $ 20,000 to nearly $ 50,000 depending on what type of microphone you need ( base heavy duty , luxury , green, or something in between ) .

The Sierra Hybrid test drove was a model 4-wheel drive with a standard price of $ 41,540 . After the target price and a couple of options, which was less than $ 43K . This model has a 6.0 liter Sierra , V8 coupled thereto Hybrid 2-mode transmission found in the 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid (and several other vehicles ) . Available only in a cab with a short bed (5 feet 9 inches ) , and towing capacity is from 6100 pounds (about Sierra can tow over 5 tons , but hybrid can still handle most car trailers or small ) boats. This hybrid truck system Active Fuel Management (which allows it to run on only four cylinders) and with the help of electric motors, which manages 20 mpg in city and highway. This is an improvement of 40% compared to the model of a single gas engine.

Except for the differences mentioned above, most everything else is the same when you compare the hybrid Sierra to its counterpart non – hybrid. Two big differences are price and fuel economy , and if you base your final decision solely on these two factors (which is not unlikely that in these economic conditions) , here are some numbers that may help .

Sierra Hybrid 4WD drove (no leather , navigation, Bose stereo ) was $ 43,000 and is estimated at 20 mpg A comparable 4wd Sierra 1500 cost about $ 39,500 and gets 13 mpg city/18 mpg highway. Assuming an average of 15 mpg with the Sierra 1500 , want to gain 5 mpg with the hybrid model with an additional $ 3500. With a gallon of gas at $ 4 , you would most drivers about 3 years to recover these additional costs ( almost 5 years and current fuel prices ) .

At the same time , many people who buy hybrid vehicles are for other reasons , including reducing its carbon footprint. The Sierra Hybrid motto is ” Work Hard – pass with caution .” If this is your plan and you need a full-size pickup … I think you saw it .

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