GM Buick Give One Last Chance

The critical moment came to fight the Buick brand of General Motors. With its boring image and years of declining market share, the manufacturer is working hard to pump some life into their brand depreciation.

In the coming months Buick plans to enhance its two sedans and launch a crossover sport utility vehicle expects much. According to general manager Steve Shannon, Buick can not afford to let this not indicate that this year is a turning point in the effort to revitalize the brand now. “2007 will be the breakout year for Buick Business is difficult;. We fight every day,” Shannon said in an interview with the Automotive Press Association luncheon.

Buick is looking for that something that would help boost sales in North America, where sales fell more than 40 percent since 2002. Despite that flourished in the hot Chinese market where GM was able to sell more Buick made in North America remains the brand struggled in United States. Two years ago GM product czar Bob Lutz described Buick as a “damaged brand” and added that GM would eliminate its entire range of products, if things do not improve with the brand. Fortunately, Buick auto components father GM supplies like GM wheel hubs continuously produce what Buick car owners need not worry.

Shannon also announced that Buick plans for the coming months to revive the Super car used in high-performance models of the 1950 designation The brand also plans to enhance the Lucerne and LaCrosse later this year.

The most promising vehicle Buick Enclave crossover SUV is scheduled to hit dealerships this summer with Tiger Woods to star in the ads. And next month, GM will launch its 2008 LaCrosse at the New York Auto Show.

Recording Buick is a difficult task and some wonder whether GM’s strategy will actually work to save its struggling brand. GM used a different approach with Buick did with Saturn, a brand supported by a total assault occurred in the last 18 months. GM was able to add five vehicles range from Saturn, even if it means sending a compact car to the United States of Belgium just to better compete in this market.

As for Buick, General Motors continuously thinning model range of the brand that soon was reduced to only three vehicles – the LaCrosse, Enclave and Lucerne. GM has previously residues of this sport utility vehicle Rendezvous last December and plans to stop production of the Terraza minivan and Rainier midsize SUV early summer.

Last year Buick was able to sell about 96 000 71 000 Lucernes LaCrosses sales increased slightly from 2005. The Buick dealer network is also being consolidated. GM also plans to consolidate dealerships Buick, GMC, Pontiac and an outlet to sell all three brands.

Karl Bauer, director of a website car shopping online, “Even though Buick needs as much or more attention as Saturn, this is not for a complete recovery. Its tough battle and there are a lot of luggage there. “Bauer also added that the Enclave has potential may not be able to go far to actually change the image of the Buick brand.

On Tuesday, General Motors has made a presentation of Buick in which one of the audiences is Tom Libby, director of industry analysis for JD Power and Associates, he got the impression that GM has fully focused on creating a well designed strategy for Buick.

During the presentation Hannon discussed attract wealthy buyers, keeping the Buick loyalists. The brand also aims to attract young urban audience.

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