General Auto Maintenance – the key to maintaining a reliable car

With the current economic crisis, many car owners do not service your car properly. A car is like a human body needs regular checkups. If you go on general automotive service, most likely leave your car vulnerable to potentially serious damage. We all know that serious traffic can cost a fortune. Prevention is the best medicine is an old saying, and that applies to cars as it does for humans.

Let’s look at some things you can do to keep your car in good condition.

Oil Change
Change the oil in your car depends on what kind of oil you use. You need to replace conventional oil every 3,000 miles, synthetic blends after 5000 miles, and full synthetic oil at 10,000 miles. Generally, you should change the oil in your car if it reaches the mileage threshold. Thus, impurities can be prevented and unpleasant oil seal problems. sludge oil can damage the engine and cause oil leaks. Car owners that do not change the oil in the time usually end up taking their cars with oil leaks for garages.

Fuel System Service
With recent developments in auto-engineering, in-line fuel filters are becoming obsolete. If your car is still in-line fuel filter is recommended to replace between 19,000 to 29.000 miles. If changes over time, you can be sure that the fuel pump will last longer. You can also use various cleaning fuel injectors to clean the filter. For maximum efficiency, replace the filter before vacuuming.

Cooling System Service
Before you take your car to this service, you must ensure that this type of antifreeze to your automotive needs. Some new types of antifreeze compounds do not require replacement until five years have passed normal driving, but are much more expensive than Regular antifreeze. You can browse the manual of your vehicle to know the exact type and the recommended interval for replacing the coolant.

Belts and Hoses
Most manufacturers recommend replacing belts and hoses every two years. However, you can replace the belts and hoses if you see signs of wear, even if the items have not reached two years. No matter what state they are in, all belts must be replaced at 100,000 km milestone, because history shows that this is when most bands begin to fail.

If you really want to keep your car in excellent condition, then you should not mind spending a little time and money on car maintenance in general. This will not only improve the performance and mileage of your car, you can also prevent serious damage to your vehicle may require costly repairs.

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