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The S-scale, also known as S-gauge model trains for is designed in the ratio of 1:64 [c.-à-3/16 inch = 1 foot] and placed between the popular and HO O. miniature train. He met the demands of a scale that was larger than HO [which was considered too small by many model railroaders], but smaller than the popular O scale track layouts allowing to be built in small spaces.

While S gauge model trains had been present since the beginning of the century, began to grow with the arrival of newly designed American Flyer model trains first produced by the Company in Connecticut, United States ACGilbert, during the 1930s . Famous American Flyer model trains, which had taken place since the beginning of the first as model trains of wheels, and later as electric trains have been completely redesigned by Gilbert when he bought the original company. These trains were built for the S-scale, but has met with Standard O-gauge tracks.

A few years later Gilbert presented another of his radical changes – that re-designed S-scale trains away from the traditional three-rail trains used in electric model that date.

The railway and three general purpose are the two outer tracks of the wheels to run on the third track, the center, which carries electrical current to drive the motor of model trains. The two new rails of the track brought out more realistic designs, as they now look like the real railroad. ” The development of these tracks to accommodate trains of small S-schemes of runway models also allowed to have a different radius curves, the most appropriate design for the new American Flyer locomotives and rolling stock.

Much more if it is not, the S-scale enthusiasts now has its first introduction to this level with the American Flyer when, as a youngster in the 1950s, received a set as a Christmas gift. During this period, the aviator in direct competition with Lionel model trains of that time and these two companies were market leaders.

Today trains S-scale models, including long-term American Flyer are rapidly increasing in popularity again.

This is the result of the Lionel Corporation, the predecessor of the current manufacturer of Lionel trains, Lionel LLC, who bought the rights to the American Flyer Company had bought the rights to AC Gilbert when his company went bankrupt in 1967.

Lionel Corporation itself was in financial difficulties at the time, and passed through the hands of several owners before reaching its present form in 1996 as Lionel LLC. But for some time that the new company initially focused on the production and marketing of its own models HO and HO27 and did little to inspire followers of the S-scale. Since 2002, however, Lionel LLC has been the introduction of new models of trains and S-type-scale enthusiasts encouraging.

A wide range of organizations and associations to serve the interests of the railway-S model. A tip body, the National Association of S-gauges, which is also associated with the National Model Railroad Association, has a composition very active. Its website provides information about activities, events, suppliers and reference videos, also links to the S-Gauge clubs in 29 states of the United States and Canada and the United Kingdom. There are even two Yahoo Groups S and S-Scale trains.

Model trains-S scale, and all accessories at an appropriate scale, are now produced by a number of manufacturers and service several different segments within each scale, especially the American Flyer S-gauge and Proto: 64 largest.

After a long and eventful history of the S-scale model trains are definitely back in vogue again.

To quote Craig O’Connell’s “S” Scale Railroading Homepage:

“Scale of S is one of the fastest growing scales within model railroading today and is growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because you need space for only 10% more to run HO, our products are increasing in product market scale and S run reliably, better surveillance and are easy to accurately model prototype. “

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