Former Item C-130 Hercules

We have certainly seen the world many Lockheed C-130 aircraft, which have struggled in the past five years. Many of these aircraft in excess of the total 100 000 hours of flight time of cells on them. The British lost in Iraq, which crashed in Germany. Several fire fighting were lost. The USMC lost one and the US Air Force lost one. Many older models A, B and C were hired to mothballs, but many are still stolen because we need them, they are excellent horses and capable of amazing feats work. The latest versions of the C-130 are the same level with many new features, engines, improved blade style accessories cellular fan and a redesigned wing; thanks to NASA and Lockheed research and development. Fortunately, my brother is a USMC pilot in command on a C-130 and is capable of flying the most recent versions.

It is the oldest aircraft that are the problem. After reviewing the NTSB data on Fire Aircraft, it worries me most with combat aircraft larger fires with these birds and the brave men who love to fly them for actually very little money. Here is some interesting information on this subject, which tells aviation accidents. If you remember plane crashes Forest C-130, which were larger than C-130 and have been modified. Here is the report of C-130 NTSB:

These old C-130 aircraft and firefighting old have super high airframe hours of time on them, and recently, it was discovered that the wing spar boxes in these aircraft when fuselage hours were the weakest component bring them back. British C-130 is claimed to have been insurgents although no one knows for sure. The question now is when we remove all the old C-130 and replace them with new versions redesigned with all state of the art components developed by NASA and Lockheed? The answer is probably not this year or next, to reduce spending on military budgets now. How do you feel about our fleet of older C-130 and great service to our nation? It is not the time to say thanks and leave, they have done their duty, they will get their check, they are the new generation again start paying into the system. Think about it.

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