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Growing up in the era of modern physics, I must confess that I thought were cool fitness equipment and gym should have all versions of each machine to get a good workout. I was also part of the body split routines simultaneously. Because he had to bomb the pectorals and spend two, right? Uh, not exactly, but that’s another story.

But ten years later, I’m nothing like the mainstream, even modern gym and my gym does not have a single machine now.

Why the change? For two reasons:

1. Stabilization is not required – when working on a machine that requires little, if any, other stabilizing muscles. Therefore, fewer muscles are involved in lifting the weight, thereby leading to less potential for burn fewer calories and less fat potential burning building muscle and fat burning.

Two. Fixed planes of motion – machines do not allow your body to move in its natural movement patterns. Instead, the machines take one size fits all approach and forces your body to move in the physical plane some engineering teams thought was right. (They also have experience in fitness.) Why is this a bad thing? Because that’s how injuries happen. You can not tell me that the same machine is suitable for a 6’5 “, 230 pounds and 5’2 meathead”, 105 lbs grandmother.

Three. Research has shown an increase in injury rates – A few years ago, a team of researchers noted that a group had many more injuries and other joint pains. Guess what? Yes, the group using machines. What is interesting is that this study did not even look to find a rate of machinery-related injuries. Since then, other studies have confirmed the same results.

April. We sat every day – most Americans spend 90% more of their time sitting. Why are we doing sit when driving? Get up and move. This is the only way someone will lose weight, improve posture and reduce back pain (which is mainly the result of too much sitting and poor posture). Not so with the exercise machines.

May. Isolation is obsolete – no need for three angles bench Monday, hit the arm with 12 exercises Tuesday, do every possible exercise back, except for pull-ups on Thursday and do leg presses and calf Friday is you just do not completely bypass the Friday and go to happy hour. Bodybuilders have developed this concept in the 70s who were on steroids. (Probably not.) Prior to the formation of a person. No person machines and parts of simple moldings used, formed the whole body. A little known fact is that now we are weaker than us, where 100 years ago, and we, the steroids!

So how does this all tie together to give a little soft core? Well, the machine exercises do not require stabilization of the soul because they are done sitting and allow isolation exercises, which do not allow the movements we use in everyday life, such as s’ squat and lean while turning the core. By doing these exercises, we increase our chances of being hurt in everyday life. And there are very few teams that are designed to strengthen the core directly.

If you want a more solid and beautiful abs, you’re on the machines, leaving part of his body behind split routines. And from training the entire body with exercises like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, press up, and of course, core stabilization and rotation.

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