Ferrari vs Lamborghini – Exotic Supercar What is the king of the road?

Many fans of exotic cars are very obstinate in his dream of exotic cars . The top of this list usually includes any Lamborghini or Ferrari . Both manufacturers have a different heritage , but both are very capable luxury cars . Most fans make their favorite cars at a very young age and usually pledge their support for this brand .

Before you start looking around the Lamborghini and Ferrari for sale, you will find what you like more exotic car . Take an in depth look at the history of each of these exotic supercar manufacturers .

What company has more experience ?

Ferrari is the oldest of the two manufacturers. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 , while Lamborghini Ferruccio Lamborghini founded in 1963. Ferrari has a long history in motorsports , including Formula One Racing.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was the owner of a tractor manufacturing company very successful and he was a very passionate fan of sports cars. Many people speculate why Lamborghini has decided to enter the market of exotic sports cars . The most popular version includes visitor Ferruccio Lamborghini Enzo Ferrari to complain about a clutch of his Ferrari 250 GT . Rumor Enzo sent Ferruccio Lamborghini and was responsible for improving the design of the clutch. From that moment , Lamborghini decided to produce its own cars .


Ferrari models usually offer more exotic cars for sale in a given year . Ferrari sometimes occurs simultaneously four fifty-six different models , while Lamborghini is 1 or 2 . This strategy has allowed Lamborghini to focus your energy on a constant greater than the Ferrari automobile production . This is evidenced by the power and allegations of high-speed models of each manufacturer.

awesome designs

Lamborghini also tends to have a more artistic style in the design of their bodies. Ferrari architecture tends to follow a more traditional design . Of course , style is a matter of personal opinion that every fan will naturally have their own impressions of designs they like best .

Financial stability

Ferrari was more stable financially as a business, but the Lamborghini brand is well known and many manufacturers such as Chrysler and Audi bought the company afloat while associating their brand with the name. Therefore, each company will be around for a long time standing behind their products .

bottom line

The conclusion is that Ferrari has been around for much longer than Lamborghini and has extensive experience in racing cars. This fund allows them to retain very loyal audience . Formula One fans also compromise their loyalty to the brand. Lamborghini was founded specifically to be a superior car to the Ferrari and exceed out and constantly develop them on a regular basis .

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