Fans now have RC Model Aircraft of the Cold War in the U-2 spy plane

One of the best things about modeling is that the hobby has many segments and categories that are sure to appeal to almost everyone. Some fans prefer the RC planes and helicopters for some, while others are in cars and trucks. Many of them are supporters of RC electrical products, while others just fly planes with gas engine. Some prefer the models designed for indoor use and others like to fly outside, while others operate the aircraft types that can do both. A large segment of the radio control drivers are mainly interested in RC airplanes based on real models of military aircraft, including WWII. There are versions of Radio Control P-51D Mustang, Navy F6F Hellcat, and the B-17 Flying Fortress. The manufacturers offer models for RC Spitfire British submarine, I-109 from Germany, other aircraft and many Japanese Zero fighter. Now, with Phase 3, the Cold War has its own RC model, the U-2 spy plane.

Made in 1950 by Lockheed U-2 was designed to fly missions in high altitude strategic reconnaissance for the CIA and U.S. military. With an operational ceiling of 70,000 feet, the U-2 was designed to be undetectable by radar aircraft, missiles or other. Its reconnaissance flights were transferred mainly through the territory of the Cold War enemies such as Cuba and the then Soviet Union. In fact, it was an Air Force U-2 reduced photographic evidence of Soviet missile sites in Cuba. Apart from its role in the Cuban missile crisis, which led the United States and the Soviet Union on the brink of nuclear war, yet the most famous U-2 was produced in 1960. On 1 May this year, the pilot Francis Gary Powers, flying a mission in Soviet airspace by the CIA, was shot down and captured or forced, causing an international incident and tensions ratchet war cold already high.

Because of its historical importance, many fans of RC military aircraft were pleased to learn that plans to introduce a three phase model U-2. Judging by the comments, most fans are delighted not only with their excellent performance, but also for its realistic appearance. Version control radio spy plane U-2 is a plan shrouded electric fan, like his older brother, has many of the trends of the flight of a glider or glider. Loaded with features, the U-2 comes ready to fly and almost ready to fly versions. The ready to fly version comes with a few radio channels 2.4G Hz 5 – Compatible with most other RC airplanes – all you need is included except for batteries. Almost ready to fly the model only requires a transmitter and batteries. Both are made of sturdy, easy to play and repair in expanded polypropylene foam. Their wings are easily removed and replaced to facilitate transport and the big top, a magnetic attachment allows quick access to a Li-Po.

The ready to fly version will cost $ 299.00 and almost ready to fly $ 269.00, but both can be purchased online for a little less good. For excellent performance at a very reasonable price, look no further than the spy plane U-2 Phase 3. Search for Internet retailers or stores specializing in selling quality RC airplanes and other radio control products.

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