Famous ships

Before the thunder Airbus and Boeing hit the sky and made the world a smaller place, ships were the main source not only for transportation but also wars exploration and battles. The exact history of the boats is difficult to define, but Noah’s ark may be cited as an example of how long that is.

Famous ships can be classified on the basis of historical importance, from the war and catastrophic wrecks. From the perspective of American history, the Mayflower is said to be the most important because it has the “pilgrims” in Plymouth, Southampton, England, in 1620. Another famous ship was the Spanish ship Amistad, which was carrying 53 slaves who revolted and killed their captors July 2, 1839. Navigator of the ship was saved so I can take a boat to Africa, but the ship arrived in Long Island, New York, instead. The slaves were acquitted after several tests and left a host family in Africa.

The powerful battleship Bismarck was the most powerful Nazi, who after being spotted by a reconnaissance aircraft, was hired by the Prince of Wales and the chapel. Hood sank within minutes and then escaped into the ocean, where it took a day and a night of shelling by the three British ships, George V, Rodney, and the County of Dorset, to sink German pride and the joy. The last famous ships, including the Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carrier USS Truman function as a participant in the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina.

The famous wreck on the point of view, the “unsinkable” Titanic preceded all, when it sank in April 15.1912, and had only 705 survivors of 2227 people on board. However, few remember the sinking of the steamboat Sultana April 27, 1865, which left 1,500 dead. The worst irony is that had hundreds of prisoners of war of the Union to return home after the Civil War, on a ship that had no lifeboats or life jackets.

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