Electric cars are the wave of the future – Not so fast, I say

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Of course, there is a lot of hype about electric cars, Tesla and insurance has made a success in the scene with their electric cars high valuable technology – incredible vehicles in all aspects. Toyota Prius showed that is in demand in the US and other similar hybrid technology in the world. Yet we have a long way to go if you want to electrified transportation. Some of the first electric cars were, in fact, in the 1920s we were promised in magazines such future science, and since then many companies have come out with electric cars just to cancel the same production buy cars already sold.

Where are we today? Well, more pledges, and higher electricity costs, and in the year 2016 the very low oil prices and gasoline that makes the extra $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 for a similar model is not as attractive, even with savings costs to run a fully electric car. Recently I found myself in a LinkedIn discussion on the post near future cars with electric gospel, the global warming souls for alternative energy – but it’s hard to argue with those who refuse to look at the numbers. Let’s talk about it.

There was an interesting article in the production of dot-net not long ago titled; “Automakers disclose new electric vehicles Amid weak sales” written by Andy Szal who said:

The automotive industry continues to introduce new plug-in electric options despite difficult economic conditions. consumer spending and widespread credit helped the US It establishes a sales record cars in 2015, but another key factor in the growth – low gas prices – significantly impeded the electric car market. research firm Autodata the industry says 102,600 electric vehicles were sold in the US last year, 17% from 2014 numbers. “If gasoline was $ 8 a gallon, consumers could amortize the cost of an electric vehicle fast enough,” said the former executive of GM Bob Lutz, “but at $ 1.50 per gallon, which will willing to pay a premium of $ 8,000 or $ 10,000?

Look this way, predicted the industry to have 1 million electric cars on the road in 2015, but to date has only sold about 400 000 in total, which leaves much to be desired compared to alternative vehicles driven by the engine and with a little over 100,000 units sold in 2015 to total 17.5 million cars sold in 2015, not even a drop in the sea. Interestingly, the green mentality, global warming believe people want to believe otherwise that is, they will tell you that electric cars are the wave of the future. I say not so fast.

One, hacking our electricity system by foreign cyber attackers kill the fledgling industry, and our government will soon tighten their belts, this means no more tax incentives, all but prevent the car industry electric. There are still a lot of speeders displayed cars ahead and calling for the death of the reciprocating engine is now quite premature.

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