Downwind of the Nevada Test in the 1950

On January 27, 1951, with good weather, the plane flying over the French Flat, Nevada, dropped a one-kiloton bomb. Thus began the program of atmospheric nuclear tests. The test site was chosen for its location, sparse population and an east wind prevails.

In the declassified transcripts that were published between 1978 and 1980 showed that scientists had known the risk of fission products in 1947. He warned the government that the atomic bomb test could be fatal to humans and animals during and after the tests.

Instead of taking heed of these warnings, the government issued warnings and statements of procedures and shots coming. They distributed leaflets that describe what to expect from the “flash” or light caused by the vaccine. Residents were encouraged to wear sunglasses in the darkest they could find an extra precaution of wearing two pairs of sunglasses if you saw the flash. But it would be better to give back. The area residents said they did not see the flash through binoculars or scopes. The government said that if he felt “precautions are indicated,” the ad management are evidence of the approximate time with their recommended precautions.

I talked to longtime residents of counties of Washington, Kane and Iron in southern Utah and residents in northern Arizona. As young children of school age who stop playing and see the sky as the clouds came over them. They trusted their government, they learned the lesson the hard way.

Part of the “explosion” or shock waves are heard as far away as Albuquerque, New Mexico, about 660 km of venue and Los Angeles, California, over 300 miles from site. The government encourages the most effective precaution would be to simply open the doors and windows if you were at home, at work or school. If you were driving, it was suggested that this role down the window of your car. When you open the windows and doors is equal pressure and reduce the risk of property damage.

The nuclear test on the ground, Nye County, Nevada, took the rain nineteen radioactive contaminant resulting from southwestern Utah, Arizona and Nevada, north-east. The organization of the trial of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) has promised to keep exposure to a minimum. The public was told that the exhibition would not be until the end of enemy bombs that were designed to do the most damage, but were “low-yield tests, performed under controlled conditions … “.

It was explained to the public that the radioactive cloud would realize its greatest decline, which can extend for several miles from ground zero, but would not extend beyond the bombing of Las Vegas and the scope of artillery.

The government claimed that the radioactive clouds leave a detectable trace “slightly radioactive” particles could be detected by sensitive instruments. He said that the road from a narrow path and expanded over time to cover the earth. AEC also But everyone knows that “not a serious danger to the life outside the test site.”

Radioactive detection education program of the exhibition (RESEP) is a doctor out of reach and educational programs offered by Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah. Under the direction of a qualified physician residents who have been exposed and meet specific criteria are examined for all cancers associated with nineteen, with recommendations for follow-up care as needed.

Stucki Warren novel, pond of the child, respect for life in the 1950s increasingly in southern Utah, downstream of the Nevada test site. How the life of a young Mormon beliefs and are in danger and changed forever. He faces trials and tribulations that exposure to radiation and fallout in families in southern Utah. Changes in her life with the devastating disease, loss of life, dreams and friendships destroyed leaving only a memory.

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